Dialogue Volume 15 Issue 1 2019 - Page 13

REPORTS FROM COUNCIL Greater emphasis on self-directed learning for physician quality improvement T An overview of the discussions and decisions made at the March Council meeting. he College is develop- ing a proactive model of quality improvement/ quality assurance that will see us move away from tradi- tional random peer assessment and toward a greater use of self-directed learning. Dr. Sheila Laredo, Chief Medi- cal Advisor, and Mr. Dan Faulkner, Deputy Registrar, told Council that tools are now being developed that will allow physicians to benefit from ongoing practice improvement with a self-guided process of learning. One tool in development is a new member orientation module that addresses such issues as social media use and the importance of maintain- ing boundaries. “We hope the tools have the effect of stimulating learning and opti- mizing practice change,” said Dr. Laredo. The tools will be piloted through- out 2019. This aligns with the College’s right touch regulation approach. Logo Update Council has approved a simplified logo to be used on our new website. The current logo does not meet the Accessibility for Ontarians with Dis- abilities Act (AODA) standards and is not suitable for mobile-friendly website usage. The new logo appears on the updated website. Registration Policies Council approved several changes to registration policies to allow a more efficient processing of applicants’ requests. The changes include: • an amendment to the current poli- cy Postgraduate Term for Clini- cal Fellows, to permit issuance of a certificate of registration to an International Medical Graduate clinical fellow for a period of up ISSUE 1, 2019 DIALOGUE 13