Dialogue Volume 14 Issue 4 2018 - Page 6

MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT After extensive review and discussion, changes proposed by our Council have been submitted to government. We anticipate that the Board – as it will likely be called – may be smaller. And separation of the commit- tee work of the CPSO from the Board will almost certainly follow. The Board will be populated by at least equal numbers of public members and physicians. These are principles which align with good governance practices of not-for-profit organizations and are designed to free the Board to concentrate on the work of governance. An issue of much discussion is how physicians should be selected for Council. For 150 These are years, they have been elected by principles which their peers. There is something reassuring about democracy, but align with good in fact, physicians like myself governance are elected to Council, not to practices represent the physicians who vote for them, but to repre- sent the public on the profes- sion’s behalf. This nuance is lost on much of the profession and on the public as well. Council, after extensive discussion, is recom- mending a hybrid model of recruitment, i.e., some appointed members and some elected members. Council believes that elections are crucial in order to maintain the connection with our members, whose fees fund the work of the College. Some regulatory colleges have agreed with our position, but others believe that the UK model, which is entirely made up of appointees, is preferable. The government will ultimately decide our model of governance and changes will require major revisions to the Regulated Health Profes- sions Act and the Medicine Act. The College 6 DIALOGUE ISSUE 4, 2018 will work to ensure any changes are informed by College expertise and the recommenda- tions we developed to enhance the College’s governance structure. No matter what the final structure, physi- cians will continue to provide leadership in medical regulation. The voices of practising physicians voice are essential in order to bring the perspective of day to day medical practice to issues considered by the Board. Physician input will continue to be crucial to the con- tinued delivery of high quality medical care to the patients of Ontario. The development of a new strategic plan is now underway and once completed, it will chart the course for the future of the CPSO. To craft this plan, Council has sought feed- back from the public, physicians, and our many partners. It is of significant importance that we hear physicians’ opinion, and I was very pleased to see that there is indeed strong physician interest. We received thousands of physician responses to our survey within 48 hours of its release, which speaks to the importance our members place on the work we do. I will close by noting that my experiences of the past nine years have only strengthened my commitment to medical regulation and con- firmed for me the absolute necessity of physi- cian participation. I may be moving away from Council, but I will continue to follow the work of our College, and to provide input wherever possible. I hope you will join me. MD