Dialogue Volume 14 Issue 4 2018 - Page 59

DISCIPLINE SUMMARIES regarded by members as disgraceful, dishonourable or unprofessional. Dr. Drone is a physician who currently practises as an anesthetist in Kitchener. He received his certifi- cate of registration authorizing independent practice in Ontario in 1994. At the time of the incidents described below, Dr. Drone was a member of the Ontario Medical Association (OMA). TENTATIVE PHYSICIAN SERVICES AGREEMENT (tPSA) On July 11 2016, the OMA and the Ontario govern- ment reached a tentative agreement dealing with gov- ernment funding for physician services and changes to the physician fee schedule, among other issues, tPSA. The tPSA was endorsed by the OMA’s Board, including by Dr. Virginia Walley, who was Presi- dent of the OMA at the time. The OMA promoted the agreement in the weeks leading up to a general meeting, which took place on August 14, 2016. On August 14, 2016, the OMA membership voted to reject the tPSA. DR. DRONE’S EMAILS Between June 21 and August 11, 2016, in response to the OMA’s support of the tPSA, Dr. Drone sent a series of emails to Dr. Walley’s personal email ad- dress, as well as to an email address used by OMA staff, including Dr. Walley, to communicate publicly about the tPSA. The following are excerpts from the emails: - June 21, 2016: “… do your paid job and stop let- ting this horrible government f**k us around!!! Enough already!! Listen to everyone!! Holy f**k. For f**ks sake??? F**k!!!” - June 28, 2016: “… You suck!!! SUCK!!” - August 1, 2016: “Dr. Walley, you are a c**t. Crash and burn as you deserve to do!! … Sincerely, F**K YOU and the OMA!!! Dr. Drone” - August 10, 2016: “F**k you!” - August 11, 2016: at 6:06 pm: “F**k-off Virginia”; 6:08 pm: “F**k-off!”; 6:09 pm: “F**k-off!” The emails sent by Dr. Drone were viewed by Dr. Walley as well as OMA staff who monitored the tPSA email address. Dr. Drone has no prior disciplinary history before the Discipline Committee. He provided two respons- es during the investigation, in which he apologized to Dr. Walley and acknowledged that his conduct was unacceptable. He also undertook professional communication coaching to develop skills related to professional communication in challenging scenarios, specifically with colleagues. On October 2017, Dr. Drone successfully completed the PROBE Ethics and Boundaries Course for physicians. ORDER The Committee ordered: a one-month suspension; a rep- rimand; and payment to the College for costs of $6,000. For complete details, please see the full decision at www.cpso.on.ca. Select Find a Doctor and enter the doctor’s name. At the conclusion of the hearing, Dr. Drone waived his right to an appeal and the Committee administered the public reprimand. DR. CATHY SHEILA FRANK PRACTICE LOCATION: London AREA OF PRACTICE: Obstetrics/Gynecology HEARING INFORMATION: Admission; Agreed Statement of Facts; Joint Submission on Penalty On February 26, 2018, the Discipline Committee found that Dr. Frank committed an act of profes- sional misconduct, in that she failed to maintain the standard of practice of the profession. The Commit- tee also found that Dr. Frank was incompetent in her professional care of 24 patients. Dr. Frank is an obstetrician and gynecologist who received her certificate of registration authorizing independent practice from this College in June 2002. At the relevant time, she practised in St. Thomas and/or London. Between 2009 and 2012, more than 30 patients filed complaints with the College regarding their treatment by Dr. Frank. Investigations into the pa- ISSUE 4, 2018 DIALOGUE 59