Dialogue Volume 14 Issue 4 2018 - Page 5

MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Dear Colleagues: A Steven Bodley, MD College President In all of these efforts, the CPSO has stood firmly for the interests of the public s I write this, I am only a couple of weeks away from the end of my term as President of the CPSO. I am also completing my ninth and final year on Council and, as such, the opportunity presents itself to reflect on the evolution of the College over that period. During my time around the table, Council has led a number of initiatives – we developed steps to better protect patients from sexual abuse; took the lead in developing a MAID implementation process; and responded to the opioid crisis by working to ensure that physi- cians have the resources they need to prescribe safely. In all of these efforts, the CPSO has stood firmly for the interests of the public, and that will remain our focus as we move forward. One of my greatest pleasures over the last year was to chair the committee that selected Dr. Nancy Whitmore from a field of extremely strong candidates to take on the job of Registrar and CEO. Leading an organization of the size, scope and impor- tance of the College is a formi- dable task. Nancy’s first six months have been characterized by a mea- sured review of our work and she has moved quickly to revitalize a number of areas of our core business. Her first steps have been bold and visionary. She has tapped into the wealth of experi- ence of our staff. She has also connected with the physicians of the province with an enthu- siasm that will only further our mandate of public protection in strong and practical ways. The work of Council at the CPSO will evolve as well, with changes to our governance struc- ture in our future. What is the work of gover- nance? Governing councils provide high level oversight, set the strategic plan, and ensure fiscal accountability. To quote Linda Rothstein, an expert in governance, it is the role of a Board to be “nose in and hands off” the organization. ISSUE 4, 2018 DIALOGUE 5