Dialogue Volume 14 Issue 4 2018 - Page 45

DISCIPLINE SUMMARIES Discipline Summaries The following pages contain summaries of the decisions of the Discipline Committee. To read the entire decision of a particular case, please go to www.cpso.on.ca, select Doctor Search and enter the doctor’s name. A PDF of the decision is posted under Additional Details. NAME NATURE OF PRACTICE Dr. M. Bélanger Family Medicine Dr. JL Bingham General Practice NAME NATURE OF PRACTICE 46 Dr. M Kaminski General Practice 65 46 Dr. KM Kaveri Selvan General Practice 66 Dr. Botros Psychiatry (Sleep Medicine) 48 Dr. A Kesarwani Plastic Surgery 67 Dr. RS Cameron General Practice 49 Dr. RA Kunynetz Dermatology 68 Dr. RKT Chan Neurology 50 Dr. K WM Leung General Practice 69 Dr. RK Chandra Pediatrics 52 Dr. AFZ Mourcos General Practice 71 Dr. APS Choong General Practice 52 Dr. ME Mrozek Psychiatry 72 Dr. PD Davison General Practice 53 Dr. CA Proulx Family Medicine 72 Dr. JL Dimock Psychiatry 54 Dr. MK Raja Family Medicine Dr. G Doodnaught Anesthesiology 56 Dr. JAMH Rakem Orthopedic Surgery Dr. CS Doyle Psychiatry 57 Dr. IK Shiozaki General Practice Dr. TC Drone Anesthesiology 58 Dr. PK Shuen Obstetrics/Gynecology Dr. CS Frank Obstetrics/Gynecology 59 Dr. N Syed General Practice Dr. DM Goodwin General Practice 60 Dr. MC Tjandrawidjaja Cardiology 80 Dr. PM Irwin General Surgery 61 Dr. LC Wright Psychiatry 81 Dr. ML Iscove Psychiatry 63 Dr. RHC Wu General Practice 82 Dr. AS Jamal Internal Medicine 64 Dr. TH Yu General Practice 83 PAGE PAGE 75 75 76 77 79 ISSUE 4, 2018 DIALOGUE 45