Dialogue Volume 14 Issue 4 2018 - Page 37

PRACTICE PARTNER Campaign Provides Strategies for Wise Use of Antibiotics Y ou assess a patient presenting with a sore throat. You believe that the symptoms will resolve without antibiotics. The patient believes otherwise. One strategy you may want to employ is a delayed prescription. You write the prescription, and then provide advice to delay filling the prescription for a specified number of days. Research has found that it is unlikely that the patient will have the prescription filled – in fact, only about one in three of these prescriptions are filled. This strategy is part of a national campaign to help clinicians and patients engage in conversations about unnecessary antibiotic use. The current priorities for An- tibiotics Wisely include addressing overuse in the com- munity, where 92 per cent of antibiotics are prescribed. This year’s campaign efforts are focused on antibiotics for acute upper respiratory tract infections in primary care, as well as asymptomatic bacteriuria in long-term care. Another strategy offered up by the campaign is to provide the patient with an information sheet, re- ferred to as a Viral Prescription. This information sheet explains to the patient that they did not receive a prescription for antibiotics because they presented with symptoms that suggest a viral infection. The informa- tion sheet then goes on to explain that antibiotics are not effective in treating viral infections and may, in fact, cause harm, i.e., severe diarrhea. “Don’t misinterpret patients’ or parental concern for a desire for antibiotics,” states the campaign. “Symptom control and access to follow-up, if needed, are often what they are looking for.” The campaign makes the point that patient satisfac- tion is linked to quality communication, not the receipt of a prescription. The CPSO is very supportive of the campaign’s goal to raise awareness, said Dr. Nancy Whitmore, CPSO Registrar/CEO. “Providing clinicians with evidence- based tools and patient materials will support conversa- tions about unnecessary antibiotic prescribing,” said Dr. Whitmore. The Viral Prescription Pad and Delayed Prescription tools can be integrated into your existing EMR. The e-forms and accompanying instructions were co-devel- oped by OntarioMD and Choosing Wisely Canada. For any questions related to integrating OntarioMD materi- als, please contact: info@choosingwiselycanada.org. Using Antibiotics Wisely is organized by Choosing Wisely Canada, with support from Health Canada, Public Health Agency of Canada, and The College of Family Physicians of Canada. ISSUE 4, 2018 DIALOGUE 37