Dialogue Volume 14 Issue 4 2018 - Page 9

FEATURE Striving for Balance College adopts Right Touch Regulation approach ‘Right-touch regulation is based on a proper evaluation of risk, is proportionate and outcome focused; it creates a framework in which professionalism can flourish and organisations can be excellent’ – The Professional Standards Authority I t’s another busy night at a hospital emergency department, and two physi- cians end up exchanging fiery words with each other in front of patients and other colleagues. While the behaviour is not professional and certainly does not reflect well on either physi- cian, it could be argued that this is not a matter in which the College needs to be directly in- volved. In fact, it may be the type of matter that is most effectively managed at the hospital level. If the antagonism between the two physicians is ongoing and escalates to the point where pa- tients are placed in harm’s way and the hospital is unable to manage the situation, then a solid argument could be made for regulatory inter- vention. This approach is an example of right touch regulation, which has been adopted by a number of regulatory bodies across the world. Because the regulator is usually furthest removed from the harm it is trying to prevent, ISSUE 3, 2018 DIALOGUE 9