Dialogue Volume 14 Issue 3 2018 - Page 6

MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT areas where changes to our approach could optimize efforts to ensure public trust and protection. In our cover story, you will note that Dr. Whitmore has made it a priority to review our process for responding to public complaints. As you are likely aware, the number of calls we receive is escalating, both in terms of direct public complaints and concerns directed to the Registrar. They vary in complex- ity, but the increased volume means that it is taking much longer to bring investigations to completion. The median length for the conclusion of a new public complaint last year was 202 days. I think we can all agree that is too long to wait, both for the complainant and the physician involved. We believe the biggest gains can be realized by streaming low-risk matters to an early resolu- tion. It is in everyone’s interest that these complaints are From our Twitter Feed dealt with appropriately and expeditiously. I am encouraged by Nancy’s resolve in ensuring that we are exercising our core functions in an effective and efficient manner. She has clearly embraced her leader- ship role with our College to serve the public interest and work collaboratively with the profession. I urge you to learn more about Nancy in this issue's Q&A feature (facing page). Soon, we will be developing a strategic plan. And I look forward to sharing with you Council’s priorities as we articulate our vision for the future. Dawn Cruchet @grief_education Sept 9 Congratulations on rockin' rural medicine!! CPSO @cpso_ca Sept 7 And now, our favourite part of the meeting: Honouring our latest Council Award winner - Dr. Jason Malinowski, a family doc from Barry’s Bay. Public member of Council Joan Powell to present. Scott Wooder @ScottWooder Aug 29 I'm happy to join @OMSAofficial in welcoming McMaster MD class of 2021 this morning on behalf of @cpso_ca @cpso_ca Maggie Keresteci @MaggieKeresteci Aug 14 Anyone who has been, or is a #carer for someone who has been hospitalized will have important insights to contribute to this important policy!! CPSO @cpso_ca Aug 14 Continuity of Care – Transitions in Care: Our draft policy focuses on the role docs play in preparing patients for discharge from hospital, as well completing and distributing discharge summaries. Learn more and provide your feedback: http://bit.ly/2x2qoTJ Clarification The figure presented on page 43 in Issue 2, Volume 14, 2018 of Dialogue to accompany the article entitled Civil Service was noted to be adapted from the work of Dr. Brian Hodges. However, a reference was not given. The image was inspired by, but does not represent, the model of competence used by Dr. Hodges in his lecture 'Without Compassion There is No Healthcare.” The Dialogue graphic replaced "compassion" in Dr. Hodges' image with "civility". 6 DIALOGUE ISSUE 3, 2018