Dialogue Volume 14 Issue 3 2018 - Page 5

MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Dear Colleagues: I Steven Bodley, MD College President Much of what we heard to date recognizes the critical importance of continuity of care would like to begin this letter by thanking so many of you for participating in the ongoing consultation on our set of draft Continuity of Care policies As we went to press, more than 300 respondents – the vast majority of whom are physicians – had taken the time to provide thoughtful and con- structive feedback. It is clear that the majority of physicians understand that these draft policies have been devel- oped as a fundamental tool to ensure patient safety and optimal care. It is just a matter of working together to get it right. Much of what we heard to date recognizes the critical im- portance of continuity of care. And while some of our draft expectations received your sup- port, you also raised concerns about a number of issues. I can assure you that we are listening carefully to these concerns. We are committed to ensuring that t he policies reflect the College’s mandate to protect the public, but we also want to set out expectations that are reasonable and practical and that do not burden physicians unnecessarily. We extended our usual consul- tation process from 60 days to six months to give you ample oppor- tunity to participate and inform our work. We’re also commu- nicating with the OMA to help identify areas of consensus and to help resolve any misconceptions about what is required by the draft policies. We’ll continue to listen to your feedback through- out the remainder of the consul- tation period. We are also undertaking other activities in order to tap into the expertise that exists among physicians and our stakeholders. We want to make sure that this policy is informed by the experi- ence and perspectives of those on the front line. Over the next several weeks, I will be visiting a number of com- munities and I hope to have the opportunity to answer any ques- tions you may have in person. This policy offers an opportunity to make a meaningful change, but we need your input to ensure that it is workable and that its intent translates into better care for patients. ********** Our new Registrar, Dr. Nancy Whitmore, has settled into her position with enthusiasm. She has already identified a number of ISSUE 3, 2018 DIALOGUE 5