Dialogue Volume 14 Issue 3 2018 - Page 48

DISCIPLINE SUMMARIES including restricting him from prescribing any con- trolled substances as defined by the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, 1996. On October 5, 2006, Dr. Sweet entered into an undertaking with the College, and agreed to cease to practise addiction medicine, chronic pain medicine and psychotherapy. DISGRACEFUL, DISHONOURABLE AND UNPROFESSIONAL CONDUCT Breach of 2002 Order Dr. Sweet breached the 2002 Order of the Discipline Committee by prescribing controlled substances on three occasions: • On October 17, 2014, Dr. Sweet prescribed Andro- gel to Patient B. • On January 3, 2015, Dr. Sweet renewed a prescrip- tion of Clonazepam to Patient C. • On December 14, 2016, Dr. Sweet prescribed a hormone replacement therapy containing testoster- one to Patient E. Prescribing Botox to Patient E Dr. Sweet was Patient E’s family physician. In 2013, the College commenced an investigation into wheth- er Patient E, who is not a regulated health profes- sional, was performing rhinoplasties and injecting Botox at a clinic in her home. In 2014, in the course of its investigation of Patient E, the College interviewed Dr. Sweet. He indicated that Patient E was his patient since approximately 2010. He noted that about one or two years prior, Patient E informed him that she was performing face lifts and injections and tried to “lure” him into her cosmetic work by asking him to order local anes- thetics for her. Dr. Sweet indicated that he advised Patient E that these are obtained through a prescrip- tion and declined to order them. He stated that he had never purchased Botox or injected Botox in his entire career. Following a temporary injunction order, dated March 6, 2014 and final injunction order, dated May 22, 2014 obtained by the College from the Superior Court of Justice, Patient E was ordered to permanently refrain from performing all controlled acts and other 48 DIALOGUE ISSUE 3, 2018 acts relating to the practice of medicine, including administering a substance by injection. In 2016, the College conduct ٕѥѥ)ѼݡѡȁAѥЁ݅́ɕѡ͔=ȴ)̸ ٕѥѽȁɹѡЁȸMݕ)ɕ͍ɥ ѽѼAѥЁͥѡ )ѥٕѥѥAѥЁ)ȸMݕЁѕѡЁЁЁȁѼ)ѡЁAѥЁЁٕѥѡ ѽٕѡ)͵չЁɕ͍ɥ) ɕ=ѽȀ԰؁Uх)%Յ԰չͽݽɭȁЁ)́͡ѕȁɵѡ ѡЁ͡ѕ)ЀAѥЁݡ݅́ɵȁаɔ)ٕɕ́ͅI٥ͼݸ́Ʌ)ɽȸMݕЁȁиQ )ٕѥѥѼݡѡȁȸ)MݕЁɕ́=ѽȀ԰؁չх)Ѽ͔Ʌѥͥѥɽ)Q ɕхЁݡɕ٥ݕ)ѥЁ́ѕ٥ݕȸMݕиȸMݕ)ɕхЁݡɕ٥ݕѡ̸ͅ)Q аЁ䁵)ѡЁȸMݕЁѡɅѥ)ɽЁѡɅѥ)ѥЁɕЁѼѡѥ̰)AѥЁ́+ ݕMѕȀȁ=ѽȀаԁ)AѥЁéѵ́ݥѠȸMݕЁٽٕ)ͽٕ͕͵ЁȁɕѵЁAѥЁe)ɽЁЁݼͥ́Ʌ)ɕ͍ɥѥ́ݕɔɽ٥ͥ٥ͥи+(ȸMݕЁѼՅѕ䁅ѕЁѼɅ͙)AѥЁѼѡȁͥȁѡɕѵЁ)AѥЁéѽ̸+(ȸMݕЁɕ͍ɥɅѼ)AѥЁѥ镐Ʌȁѡɕѵ)ѥ)ȸMݕӊéаͼЁ䁵)Ёɽ٥́Ѽݡѡȁȸ)MݕЁѡɅѥɽ)ЁѡɅѥѥ)ЁɕЁAѥЁ