Dialogue Volume 14 Issue 3 2018 - Page 40

DISCIPLINE SUMMARIES the standard of care provided by Dr. Kamermans. Upon review of 25 of Dr. Kamerman’s patient charts, the medical expert reported that 11 out of 25 patient charts were deficient with respect to narcotic pre- scribing and the medical records in all the files were disorganized. Dr. Kamermans admitted to not re- viewing his patients' old files, which resulted in him overlooking some crucial pieces of information. The medical expert noted that the decisions about who to prescribe to and what to prescribe often seemed to be in the hands of the patients. Also, that by failing to maintain tight prescribing boundaries in patients with current or prior addictions, both the patients and their communities were placed at risk. During the medical expert’s interview with Dr. Kamermans, he commented, “we are not the police.” The medical expert emphasized in her report that the application of universal precautions in opiate prescribing is crucial, given that it is not possible to always know what patients may be doing with their medications. And despite Dr. Kamerman’s best inten- tions, safety was compromised by his benzodiazepine, hypnotic, and opioid prescribing practices. In an addendum to her report, the medical expert reiterated her concerns with respect to Dr. Kamer- man’s prescribing of controlled substances and confirmed her opinion that his medical records were “inadequate.” Failure to Notify Other Jurisdictions of Action Taken by Discipline Committee On February 27, 2013, the CPSO’s Discipline Com- mittee found that Dr. Kamermans committed an act of professional misconduct, in that he failed to maintain the standard of practice of the profession. Among other things, the Committee ordered and directed that Dr. Kamermans be reprimanded and imposed terms, conditions and limitations on his certificate of registration. In March 2014, the Michigan Medical Board found that Dr. Kamermans violated the Public Health Code by failing to notify it, within 30 days, of the ac- tion taken by the CPSO’s Discipline Committee on February 27, 2013. As a result, the Michigan Medi- cal Board imposed terms, conditions and limitations on Dr. Kamermans’ licence in Michigan, and ordered that he pay a fine. 40 DIALOGUE ISSUE 3, 2018 In January 2015, the New Mexico Medical Board made an order reprimanding Dr. Kamermans for failing to make a timely report of the action taken by the Discipline Commi ѕѡ́ Դ)ܰ́ɔѼɕЁѡѥх)ѡ55 ɐɥа)͕ѥ́́9܁5᥍)=IH)Q͍ ѕɕѕѡЁȸ-ɵϊd)ѥєɕɅѥɕٽѡЁɕٔ)ɕɥ䀐԰́Ѽѡ )ȁєх́ѡ=ɑȰ͔͕ѡ)ձͥЁܹͼMЁѽ)ѕȁѡѽˊé)AA0)==ѽȀذܰȸ-ɵ́ѡ)ѼѡMɥȁ Ё)ѥ(٥ͥ Ф)H11eM=89%-=58)AI Q% 1= Q%=8QɽѼ)I=AI Q% 5)!I%9%9=I5Q%=8ͥɕMхѕЁ))ЁMՉͥA)=՝Ѐ԰ܰѡ͍ ѕ)չѡЁȸ-ѕЁɽ̴)͍ͥՍЁѡЁ́͡)ՍЁȁЁȁͥɕمЁѼѡɅѥ)ѡа٥ɕɐѼѡɍյх̰)ݽձɕͽ䁉ɕɑ䁵̴́́)Ʌհ͡Ʌȁչɽͥ)ȸ-́ͥݡɕٕ)ѥєɕɅѥѡɥ饹)Ʌѥ)չ́ɽ٥)ͽ݅ɔɥ䁍ɔЁѡɰ )] ͥĸ ݕ)Յ)Ȁȸ-ɽ٥ͽ)݅ɔɥ䁍ɔЁѡ ѡЁ]) AɅѥ