Dialogue Volume 14 Issue 3 2018 - Page 4

TABLE OF CONTENTS 13 In Every Issue 5 Message from the President  Dr. Steve Bodley discusses our Continuity of Care policy consultation and how we are working to make sure that our work is informed by the experience and perspectives of those on the front line. 11 Reports from Council  We provide a summary of the decisions and discussions of the September meeting of Council. 13 Council Award – Dr. Jason Malinowski  Dr. Jason Malinowski, a family physician from Barry’s Bay, was presented with a Council Award in recognition of his work as an advocate for rural medicine. 18 27 Discipline Summaries  Summaries of the following cases are included in this issue: M.A.H Al Abdulmohsin, W.H. Baird; P.P. Baranick; W.A.D. Beairsto; P.B. Cote; A.M. Galea; Y. Garcia; N.N.R. Ghabbour; M.M. Gutman; R,J. Kamermans; A.E. Koffman; M.M.S. Lee; R.C. Marada; T.R. Mayberry; R.N. Morzaria; I.S. Rosenhek; S.R. Sekhon; D.C. Sweet; A.W. Taylor. We live tweet Council Meetings Follow us at cpso_ca 4 DIALOGUE ISSUE 3, 2018