Dialogue Volume 14 Issue 3 2018 - Page 3

Features cont’d 17 New Rules for Dispensed Opioids  As of Oct. 23, 2018, practitioners and pharmacists who dispense prescription opioids to patients will need to apply a warning sticker to the prescription drug package and provide a patient information handout to accompany the drug at the time of sale. 19 19 When Every Second Counts  CritiCall Ontario bridges the distance between emergent patients and care by providing hospital- based physicians with a single number to call when they need assistance. Practice Partner 21 The Power of Empathy  Dr. Brian Goldman discusses the research he conducted for his new book about empathy. Dr. Brian Goldman 25 Accountability for Infection Control  Physicians bear responsibility for ensuring proper infection control principles are being followed in the clinics where they work – even if they are not the clinic’s owner. For Your Information 18 Annual Report  We are pleased to present the 2017 Annual Report of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. It is online now at www.cpso.on.ca 24 Participate in Preliminary Consultations  We value your feedback on policies. And we invite 21 you to participate in our open consultations at www. cpso.on.ca.