Dialogue Volume 14 Issue 3 2018 - Page 14

COUNCIL AWARD You have developed a passion for palliative care. What makes this type of medicine unique? Surprisingly, palliative care has the potential for a lot of success. When you are part of a pal- liative care team, you enter a situation that is often fraught with anxiety and questions about existential matters. The goals of palliative care are different from other areas of medicine as the focus is not on crisis management or saving lives. Instead, the goal is to help normalize the situation for patients and families and walk them through the experience. You can do so much when the goals of care are changed and it can make such a difference to families when you help turn a terrible situation into some- thing manageable. What are the major barriers to physicians choosing a career in rural medicine? One of the main barriers is visibility – many places just don’t have the public profile that makes a move to their community intuitive. If not for my wife, who grew up close to Barry’s Bay, I would not be living here today. I take on as many medical residents as I can in order to get more exposure for my region. Family factors can also present a significant barrier, so when a community is courting a potential new physician, you have to take into account the broader needs of their family, such as scho [X[X]]Y\ˈ܈^[\K\XX[&H\\\Hٝ[ۘ\YX]HܝX[]HوZ\ۈ\Y\ˈHXZHB[و[X[\\[[H[[Z[\ٙ\[ۜ\[[\[[›و][[ܚ[[\[][]K[H\HHYX\\وX[YYXB\H[HX[H][ˈ™\X[YYXH[[HۛX][\]Y[’H]HHYYX[XXHXXYK]\ H\Y][[H[\H[X\ٙXH\X][ۈ\\[HZK[H]\[ܛX][ۈX]H]Z[X[ B]HوH[]\Yؘۛ[[›[ܙH[\[X[[Y\[HYXKBX\[ۈ\Y[[\Y[\][و[Y[Y[]^H]Y[[BY\[][]KH[]8&\[\ܝ[™]H[XZۈ\Y\]Y[ܜ[HXX\][XZH]X\Y\܈[H]H[YܝXH\\B[ۜ]YKX[YXK[[\[ \[[\ܝ[\و^HHH[\BY][ۘ[YYXHX\Y[[KB][]H]\\[X]X[ X\B\Y\X\H[\ܝ[Hو][[\[X[H H[\][]Y[X]Y[[X[ YX[ۈ[X[HX][˂]YXH[H]H\XX[˜ۜY\[H\Y\[\[YYX[O•[H[\x&\^K^HYH[H[[YH][HY[܈HXK[[[B[KH[X\H\[\][\Nܚ[[[HY][Z\[˜H[Z[K[[HY]][H[BYYX[[][]KH[HܙX]8&[Z[x&HXB[[ۙ[و[KH[\XX[[[X]H[ݙB\[۝\[Z\\X\[[H[][]H[X^H[[H[[Y\B[\[\ˈY[H] [H]\š\Y\Z[Xˈ]8&\ܝ]XBY[][]H8$ۙH][H[ݙH[[ݙH[HX˂QMPSQHTQH  N