Dialogue Volume 14 Issue 2 2018 - Page 82

DISCIPLINE SUMMARIES operating room at RVH. Also, the operating room nursing staff indicated that Dr. Zadra’s dictation of the particular size of sutures he used while perform- ing hernia repair on a patient were not in fact used according to the surgical count. College Investigation The College retained an expert in urology and on- cology, who opined that while Dr. Zadra’s practice did not expose patients to harm, there were some planned or proposed procedures that could have exposed patients to potential harm if they had been carried out. In addition, similarly to the results of the RVH investigation, the expert reported concerns with Dr. Zadra’s record keeping, documentation and descrip- tion of the procedures performed, including the “semantics and labeling of the procedures actually performed.” The expert noted that for five patients, Dr. Zadra dictated that he performed a “water cystomerogram 'K[HH]\YZ]Y[\[\Y]]H^ B\]H[X[]ܞH\H[]]Y]HH[[ۚ[\Y]ܘ[HXX[K]\›Y ][ۙH\HوH\[X\[ۈو[ ^YX\KYHZ[YX]H\Y\][]HY[[Y X\KH[ [\KB]H\[HX[K[[\\KYHX]YHY\Hو8'\XH\Z\]][\H L[LXܞ[]\\'H]Yܜ\ۙB\][H\\&H]\H[ H\ܙ\ B[H\] L]\\\H[X\Y [›\\\YHX]Y]H\ܛYYB'\]^x'K[H[]HX]Y]\B'YX]^x'K]\[]X[Y][\\YH[Y[Y\X]YHY\[Y\\[HY[]X[HXܙY H^\\\[Y][H\ق]Y[\H\ܚ\[ۈوHY\\˜XX[H\ܛYY\[X\]KXY[[XB\]H[ ܈]Y\[ۘXHZ[\XZ\[ۜ“T [YH[[[\HX[ H\وYH\\H[Y[\܈YHH[X\]B\ܚ\[ۈوY\\\ܛYY ܈^[\K܈]\[]Y[YHY[YHTKXݙ\8'[\[Z]YYH\[Yۘ[x'HۙHH[K\[[\ZY] KMK[\[\Y]]B PSQHTQH  N^\ YH]Y][XHY\YY]H8' ]Y\YX[\[HYX\\[Y[8'KX[]HY[[Y]H]Hو L [ B\^[\H\[[[TH܈]\™X]Y\H8']\\Y]ܘ[x'K[HBY\H\[X\ܛYYۈ]\[]Y[˂ԑTBH[Z]YHܙ\YHYK[[۝\[[ۂۈYx&\\YX]HوY\][ێH[\KB[ۈۈ\\ۙ][ۜ[[Z]][ۜۈYx&\\YX]HوY\][ێH\[X[[HYH[H[[[و K H\\[ۙ][ۜ[[Z]][ۈۈYx&\&H\YX]HوY\][ۈ[YNX\ٝ[\][ۈو[]YX[^Y[X[ۈ[YYKB[]XX\ٝ[\][ۈوHYYX[XܙY\[\N]Z[[H[X[\\\܈܈^[۝\][ۈ][[[Y[X[ۜ›ۈ\XXN[ݚY[ۜ[HYBXZH[]Z\Y\وT܈ۙHYX\[\HYH\\Z[]H\\وHܙ\܈\]H]Z[وHܙ\X\HYHB[X\[ۈ]˘˛ۋK[X[H܂[[\Hܸ&\K]Hۘ\[ۈوHX\[YHZ]Y\œY[\X[[H[Z]YHYZ[\\YBXX\[X[ [X\[ۜ\H]Z[XHۛ[H]˘˛ۋK[X[H܈[[\Hܸ&\K