Dialogue Volume 14 Issue 2 2018 - Page 24

LEGISLATION o The member prescribed a drug for the person. The regulation includes an exemption from the defini- tion if all of the following conditions are satisfied: a sexual relationship is already in place between the indi- vidual and member at the time the health-care services are provided; the member provided the health-care services to the individual in emergency circumstances or in circumstances where the service is minor in nature; and the member has taken reasonable steps to transfer the care of the individual to another member or there is no reasonable opportunity to transfer care to another member. Expanded Duty to Report These provisions expand the scope of information that regulated health professionals must provide to their colleges, and affect the time in which the informa- tion is to be reported. As a reminder, physicians are required to make written reports to the College if the physician: Has been found guilty of an offence; In all of these cases, the report is to be made as soon as reasonably practicable after receiving notice of the finding, charge, etc. (Under the College By-laws, some reports were required within 30 days and some through the annual renewal process.) Certain details are required to be included in each report; ensure you include everything required. Also, any changes in the information must be reported (for example, if the status of charges or conditions change). Increased Information on the College Register New regulations under the Act mandate certain infor- mation to be on the College’s public register, most of which this College had already proactively been posting through its Transparency Initiative over the last several years. Specifically, the new regulations require that the public register contain the following information: Has been charged with an offence, and the report is to include information about bail conditions or other restrictions on the physician in connection with the charge; Findings of guilt (i.e., convictions) for criminal and drug offences (unless there has been a record suspension or pardon, or the conviction has been overturned on appeal); Has had a finding of professional negligence or malpractice (i.e., through a lawsuit); Release restrictions (i.e., bail conditions) for criminal and drug offence charges or findings; Is licensed by or registered with (i.e., a member of ) another professional body in any jurisdiction, including Ontario; Outstanding criminal or drug offence charges; o W  HAT’S NEW: Reporting is no longer limited to medical licences, as it was under the College By- law; it applies to licences and registrations held across all professions; Has had a finding of professional misconduct or incompetence made against the member by another professional regulatory body in any jurisdiction, including Ontario 24 o  WHAT’S NEW: This is no longer limited to medical regulatory bodies, as it was under the College By-law; it applies to all professions. DIALOGUE %MMU€Θ°€ΘΐΔΰ($Ό€]!SŠeL9\θQ‘”Α½ΝΡ₯Ήœ½˜‘Ι՜½™™•Ή•Μ…Ή‘…ɝ•Μ)ΥΉ‘•ΘΡ‘” ½ΉΡΙ½±±•Ι՝́…ΉMΥ‰ΝΡ…Ή”ΠΈ($Ό€]!SŠeL9\θQ‘”Ι•Υ±…Ρ₯½ΉΜΙ•ΕΥ₯Ι”…±°‰…₯°½Ή‘€΄)Ρ₯½ΉΜΡΌ‰”Α½ΝΡ•μΡ‘” ½±±•” δ΅±…έ́‘…±₯΄΄)₯Ρ•Α½ΝΡ₯Ήœ½˜‰…₯°½Ή‘₯Ρ₯½ΉΜΡΌΡ‘½Ν”Ρ‘…Ёɕ±…Ρ”)ΡΌΡ‘”ΑΙ…Ρ₯”½˜΅•‘₯₯Ή”Έ($Ό€9=QθQ‘” ½±±•” δ΅±…έ́½ΉΡ₯ΉΥ”ΡΌ…±ΝΌΙ•ΕΥ₯Ι”)Α½ΝΡ₯Ήœ½˜Υ₯±Ρ䁙₯Ή‘₯ΉΜ…Ή‘…ɝ•ΜΥΉ‘•ΘΡ‘”)!•…±Ρ %ΉΝΥΙ…Ή”Π€‘ΡεΑ₯…±±δ=!%@™Ι…Ր€Έ