Dialogue Volume 14 Issue 2 2018 - Page 38

Choosing Wisely Canada launches ‘Opioid Wisely’ C hoosing Wisely Canada has launched a campaign to raise awareness around the impor- tance of clinician-patient conver- sations to reduce harms associated with opioid prescribing. The Opioid Wisely campaign is supported by more than 30 organizations representing doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurse practi- tioners, other health professionals, as well as patients and their families. Central to the campaign is a set of 15 specialty-specific recommendations for when the use of opioids should not be first line therapy. These recommendations cover 12 38 DIALOGUE ISSUE 2, 2018 different clinical specialties. More recom- mendations, covering other specialties, will be released over the coming months. “We are seeing devastating consequences for individuals, families and communities as a result of the opioid crisis,” says Dr. Wendy Levinson, Chair of Choosing Wisely Canada. “It is a complex health and social issue, with no simple solution. Avoiding opioids in circumstances where safer treatment options are available is certainly part of the solu- tion,” said Dr. Levinson. “Family doctors see firsthand the impact of opioids on their patients including side effects, addiction, overdose, and death,” says