Dialogue Volume 14 Issue 2 2018 - Page 34

METHADONE Methadone exemption lifted College continues to expect those physicians who wish to enter this area of practice to first ensure appropriate knowledge, training P rescribers no longer require a federal exemption to prescribe methadone. However, in recognition of the public safety risk that methadone represents if not prescribed appropriately for opioid disorder, the College will continue to have expectations for physicians who wish to begin prescribing methadone. As of May 19, 2018, physicians are no longer required to hold an exemption from the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act in order to prescribe the medication. This an- nouncement followed an extensive national consultation of key stakeholders including regulatory authorities on subsection 56(1) of the CDSA. We will be “Even though the requirement to obtain an exemption has been looking closely lifted, the College’s expectation is at our longer that physicians who choose to enter term approach this area of practice will first ensure that they have the appropriate to methadone prescribing in light knowledge and training,” said Dr. Steven Bodley, College President. of this changing Over the next few months, the College will be looking closely environment at our longer term approach to methadone prescribing in light of this changing environment and we will continue to update you on developments in this area. While methadone is an impor- tant tool in the treatment of both pain and opioid use disorder, it is not without its risks. Given the safety risk posed by metha- done if not prescribed appropriately for the 34 DIALOGUE ISSUE 2, 2018 treatment of opioid use disorder, explicit expectations for methadone prescribers remain in place while we review our longer term strategy for the oversight of opioid prescribing. In the near term, the College will expect physicians who wish to begin prescribing methadone for the treatment of opioid use disorder to first: Complete the Opioid Dependence Treat- ment course offered by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)  Complete a minimum of one day’s precep- torship with either a pre-approved metha- done prescriber or take the CAMH Metha- done Preceptorship Simulation Course Give written notification to the College of their intention to begin prescribing methadone  ndergo an assessment of their methadone U prescribing practice for opioid use disor- der one year after they begin prescribing methadone Be familiar with the expectations in the College’s Prescribing Drugs policy, which states that physicians must have the req- uisite knowledge, skills and judgment in order to prescribe any drug Adhere to the Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program’s Standards and Clinical Guidelines. MD