Dialogue Volume 14 Issue 1 2018 - Page 54

DISCIPLINE SUMMARIES with respect to his record keeping by copying sec- tions of notes from one patient file to another. Investigation of Patient Complaints The Committee found that Dr. Hill failed to main- tain the standard of practice of the profession with respect to his investigation of patient complaints and referrals for testing. Both experts agreed that in some cases, Dr. Hill under-investigated complaints and in other cases, he over-investigated. For example, in the case of Patient D, Dr. X noted that there were four clinical visits over two years which documented abdominal pain that was not investigated or treated. For Patient G, Dr. Y noted that Dr. Hill treated ane- mia with iron without investigating the cause of the anemia. For other patients, both experts noted that Dr. Hill ordered numerous laboratory tests without documented indications. Management of Diabetic Patients The Committee further found that Dr. Hill failed to maintain the standard of practice of the profession with respect to his treatment of diabetic patients. Dr. X opined that Dr. Hill’s diabetic control for one patient was “terrible, with no indication of referral to a diabetes education program, discussions with the patient, or a referral to an endocrinologist.” Dr. Y supported Dr. X’s concerns with respect to this patient. DISGRACEFUL, DISHONOURABLE, OR UNPROFESSIONAL CONDUCT The Committee found that Dr. Hill engaged in con- duct that was disgraceful, dishonorable, or unprofes- sional in two respects: in his communications with Patient A and in his falsification of patient records. The Committee concluded that Dr. Hill’s response to Patient A’s demands for financial compens ][ۂ\[ٙ\[ۘ[ [Y]Y[x&\Z][\[HXYۛ\و\X[[\X^H]BY[[\X]K[8&\\ۜH\[ٙ\B[ۘ[[Z[Z[]Y[H\H\ۈ]Y[[X[\Y\˂]\XH[YX][ۈو]Y[XܙH[Z]YH[]ܙ\Y\\H]Y[[[8&\\[X \YYY][YX][ۈوXܙH\X][]Y[MPSQHTQH K N\\Y[ LHوH \H]Y]Y ܈ۙH\ H[\H[X[Xܙ\Hܙ\K[YZ]YZ[\][]BY\HYX[و][ۈ\ܚY H[Z]YH[][YZ[\\™\ۙ\[XZ][[YXHXو[ܘ[]\\\HH؛Y][ۜ^XYوBY[X\وHYKSTUSBH[Z]YH]\Z[Y][8&\\[˜[]Y[\HYXYHXوۛYK[[YY[[^[][[ۜ]\]H\[]۝[YHX\H܈]\XXB[H\XY H[Z]YH[][\[\][ H[Z]YHX\YH]Y[Hو ۘYY][H]X\ L [8&\›][وXXHY\[\HYܘYYH[\H[\[\][[[Y[[XB[\\K[\[\Y]][ ۘYY][YYۚYX[ۛ BYH\܈[[ۈYYX[ۙ][ۜ[ٝ[[\Z[\Y]Y܈ݙ\Z[\Y]Y]Y[ˈB[Z]YH[[][\^YYHYBYX[XوYY[[\X][\BۙH]Y[8&\\[\ԑTH\\[H[Z]YHܙ\YH]][ۂو[8&\\YX]HوY\][ێH\[X[œ^[Y[وHYH[H[[[ق K L ܈\]H]Z[وHܙ\X\HYHB[X\[ۈ]˘˛ۋK[X[H܂[[\Hܸ&\KۈX[X\  M[[H L  M[\ BX[YH[Z]Yx&\X\[ۜۈXX[]H[[[BH]\[ۘ[\وH۝\[\\[܈\و\XK\X[ˍHوHKH\\[H[Z] BYx&\X\[ۈ[XZ[[YX\]HH\X[