Dialogue Volume 14 Issue 1 2018 - Page 3

37 Features cont’d 25 Ensuring Competence with Scope of Practice Changes  If you intend to re-enter practice after an absence or change your scope of practice, the College needs to be assured that you will practise safely. Please read the expectations in our recently approved policy. The policy is inserted at page 39. 27 S  uperior Court Affirms Effective Referral Requirement  In a unanimous decision, the Superior Court supported patients' right to access health services and the Col- lege’s effective referral requirement. 29 Evaluation of Routes to Registration  A College study has found that physicians who are registered through alternative routes perform similarly to their peers registered through traditional routes of registration. 32 A Unique Perspective on Pain and Treatment  Dr. Jeff Ennis has suffered excruciating pain for all of his adult life. He brings his insight and empathy to bear in caring for others who share that same torment. Practice Partner 37 Doc Talk – Talking About Elder Abuse  Seniors who are abused are often isolated. The doctor may be the only external professional they see with any measure of privacy. Physicians have a critical op- portunity to pick up on signs of elder abuse and talk to patients about it. 42 Reporting a Privacy Breach to the IPC  We provide examples of the types of privacy breaches that must be reported to the Information and Privacy Commissioner. 45 Patient Safety – Dispensing Opioids  Prescribers are reminded to limit the amount of dispensed opioid doses to reduce the potential for misuse. Read a summary of the report from an expert committee of the Chief Coroner's office. 32