Dialogue Volume 13 Issue 4 2017 - Page 86

DISCIPLINE SUMMARIES ous investigation of him, he warned Patient A in an email chat not to tell the College about any activities in the “back room.” Dr. Muirhead instructed Patient A to explain his statement in emails to her of “I love you,” as “I love you like he loved his dogs.” Patient A did as Dr. Muirhead requested, and did not initially admit to a sexual relationship with him despite being asked by the College investigator. Dr. Muirhead told Patient A that so many people, including her, were dependent on him. He convinced her that action by the College against him would ruin her life and her marriage. Patient A was also concerned about Dr. Muirhead’s “explosive” reac- tion if she were to tell the College the truth. Patient A estimated that Dr. Muirhead gave her a total of $23,000 over time. REASONS FOR PENALTY The penalties of revocation and reprimand are man- datory penalties under the Code for Dr. Muirhead’s sexual abuse of his patient. The guiding principles in determining an appro- priate penalty are that the penalty should protect the public; express the disapproval of the profes- sion toward the member’s conduct; maintain public confidence in the profession and its ability to regu- late itself in the public interest; act as a general and specific deterrent and, in an appropriate case, serve a rehabilitative function. An aggravating factor was a previous College discipline decision in March 2014 suspending Dr. Muirhead for disgraceful, dishonorable or unprofes- sional conduct and failure to maintain the standard of practice of the ٙ\[ۈ܈\\[\B[][ۜ][X[H]Y[˂H[Z]YHۜY\YHۙXو]Z\XYHXܜ[[[^[YH^[\HقHX\HوH][ۈو\HH\XX[[B\XX[\]Y[[][ۜ\ ԑT[[[X\KH[Z]YH\XY]BY\\]H]Z\XY \YX]HوY\B][ۈYX]H[[YYX][NHXX\[X[œZ[X\[Y[HYH܈[[ݚYY]Y[[\Hܘ[H\]Z\Y[\X[ۂ KوHKH[[\]XH]\ق PSQHTQH  M˜ܙY]܈\X\]HX\XHHYK[H[[[و M []H^HBYH[H[[[و L ܈\]H]Z[وHܙ\X\HYHB[X\[ۈ]˘˛ۋK[X[H܂[[\Hܸ&\KTHRPQSPBPPHUSӎ[Z[ۂTPHшPPN[Y\[HYYX[BPTSSԓPUSӎ][Y[وXXHو۝\ۈ]Y\  MH\\[H[Z]YB[]XH[Z]Y[Xوٙ\[ۘ[Z\ۙX []H\[YY[ۙX܈[X܈Z\[ۈ[][HXXHوYYX[B] ][Y\[H\[\[\[X\ۘXHHY\YHY[X\\\ܘXY[ \ۛ\XK܈[ٙ\[ۘ[ H[Z]YH[]XH[\YBYYX[Xܙ[HZ\XY[\[ۋZ[[™]H[[]X[H[\[Z\XYHYB[\Y]܈Y\[\]Y[\[\[œXX\\[HYH[\Y][ۋXHY۝\H[Y][ۜ˂XH\HYYX[\X܈و[\HX[\X\[ˈ[[Z[ۋ۝\[\HHBY\\H]Y[Z[X]Y]YYX[[BX\ˈ]Y[HYX]Y[HXH܂ۚXZ[]YYX[[X\]Y[X[KB\ L[\[ M [[[XZ[^[H]XH[\[ M [X]Y[H\]Y\Y]\›^\[Y[H\Y[Y ]Y[H\\Z[]YHXx&\XXKۈ\[  M HYHXZ]YHKBZ[H]Y[H]XHXY[ٙ\B[ۘ[H[H]Y[H\\]Y[ [Y[BZ[[[[X[[]H\\]Y\KBY[H\\[Y[[H\Z[][]Y[HH\XXK