Dialogue Volume 13 Issue 4 2017 - Page 83

DISCIPLINE SUMMARIES about this issue and until now has not known how to make things right.” Dr. Mansour also told the College that he billed OHIP when he was out of the country and his PA was seeing patients, should not have done so, and was conducting a self-audit of these amounts in order to repay OHIP. On May 23, 2014, the College wrote to Dr. Man- sour’s counsel requesting clarification about where Dr. Mansour was between July 9 and August 8, 2013. On June 3, 2014, Dr. Mansour’s counsel told the College that Dr. Mansour was in Ontario between July 9 and August 8, 2013, and was in Toronto on any day on which he was scheduled to work during that time period. The College then asked Dr. Mansour to attend at the College with his passport and any other support- ing documents to verify he was in Ontario between July 9 and August 8, 2013. The College sent a further letter dated July 24, 2014, requesting confirmation of a date upon which Dr. Mansour could attend the College, and a further request on August 7, 2014. Dr. Mansour’s counsel wrote to the College on Au- gust 7, 2014, saying that Dr. Mansour was in Libya and his return to Canada had been delayed. Counsel advised Dr. Mansour would not be in a position to provide the requested documents until his return, which was expected on August 10, 2014. Counsel further advised dates upon which Dr. Mansour was available to attend at the CPSO for an interview by the Medical Inspector. Dr. Mansour’s counsel told the College in an August 14, 2014 letter that Dr. Mansour had had to surrender his Libyan passport (which he used for his trip in July/August 2013) when he changed to a Canadian passport. Counsel also provided the billing and medication records requested by the College. Dr. Mansour’s counsel told the College in a September 22, 2014 letter that the information previously provided to the College by Dr. Mansour was incorrect in the follow- ing ways: i) Dr. Mansour had not surrendered his Libyan passport; and ii) Dr. Mansour was in Libya and Turkey continuously between July 5 and August 15, 2013, returning to Canada on August 16, 2013. He was not in Ontario between July 9 and August 8, 2013 as previously advised. Enclosed with the letter was a copy of Dr. Mansour’s Libyan passport used in 2013. Dr. Mansour apologized through his counsel for having provided inaccurate information in the past and indicated that, having now shared the informa ЧF&WB2vW&V&WG2Rv2VvW"FgVǐ6W&FRvFFR6Vv^( 2fW7FvFFP6VvRFW'fWvVBFRv6f&VB6R6pFVG2BFR6Ɩ2vFWBG"6W"&Vp&W6VBB2&WVW7BFRGf6VB6RFǐv&VBVFW"fW&&&FW'2g&G"6W"@FB6R7&VFVBVF6F&V7FfW2FW"B6V@FVFFR6Ɩ2f"G2W6RG"6W"6f&0F22G'VRFRBw&GVFVBg&&Цw&B47FW"VfW'6G#"B7F'FV@v&rvFG"6W"&WB#2G"6W"7VB6WRbvVV26VVrFVG2vFW"76W76rW"62BF67W76r66W2BЧFVBvVVBvFW"'&V2&WGvVV6VVpFVG2FRFBFR6VvRFBG"6W W'6ǒ6VBW"F6VRFVG2vVRv2@FW&RvVG"6W"v2vVǒBRЦwW7B#2RF&V7FVBFRF6F7Bb6PVVFVBFRFBFR6VvRFBBFPFBG"6W"F66W&vRFRg&6F7FpFF67W72FVB6&RBFB6Rv2W7Vǐ&RF&V6gFW"6VbVFBG"6W"&WBCbs3B3 FFR֖7G'bVFBrFW&6&R&W7V7Bb&Ɩw2FR&VFFFVBf6G2FRF2bVǒBVwW7B#2vW&RFRЧFVG2vW&R6VV'FR'WBB'G"6W"7FF&Bb&7F6P6VvR&WFVBWW'BVBFBG"6W fVBFVWBFR7FF&G2b&7F6RFRfrЦr&W7V7G3( "r2W6RbfV&VrFR7FF&Bb6&P&W7V7BbFVG2&&ǒvF&W7V7@F7WW'f6BFVVvFFR7&FW&f FVVvFvW&RWBǒR6'BFW6RFVfЦ6V6W26VBW6R2FVG2F&( "r2VF6F7VVFFfV&VrFR7FЦF&Bb6&R&W7V7BbRFrFVG26R66W2FW&RvW&RFW2v6V&VBF&PgVFV662&Rf&RƖRBwwr7666VV7BF7F"6V&6BVFW"FRF7F.( 2Rक55TRB#rDuTP0