Dialogue Volume 13 Issue 4 2017 - Page 70

DISCIPLINE SUMMARIES In the summer of 2014, Dr. Di Paola was invited to attend a meeting regarding Patient A’s care at a hospi- tal by virtue of Dr. Di Paola’s close personal relation- ship with Patient A. This meeting was attended by Patient A’s treating physician and by a Children’s Aid Society social worker who had been involved with Patient A’s family. At that meeting, Dr. Di Paola took a position with respect to Patient A’s access to Patient A’s child that was adverse to the position taken on this issue by Patient A’s treating physician. CAMH Policies and Privacy Education On December 10, 2012, Dr. Di Paola signed a let- ter of offer of appointment to the medical staff at CAMH. On April 17, 2013, Dr. Di Paola signed a letter of re-appointment to the medical staff at CAMH. Each letter provided that, by signing the let- ter, Dr. Di Paola confirmed that she was familiar with the Personal Health Information and Privacy Protec- tion Act and was aware of, and agreed to honour, her obligations set out therein. Each letter also provided that acceptance of the appointment entailed Dr. Di Paola’s agreement to govern herself in accordance with all CAMH Policies, which included a Privacy Policy. Dr. Di Paola completed CAMH’s e-learning program on Privacy Fundamentals on April 26, 2012 and again on August 31, 2014. Dr. Di Paola was aware each time that she accessed the medical records of Patient A and Patient B that she was doing so without authority or consent. CAMH Disciplinary Action The Medical Advisory Committee at CAMH, where Dr. Di Paola holds privileges and where the breaches of privacy occurred, took disciplinary ac- tion against Dr. Di Paola. The disciplinary action consisted of a two-week unpaid leave of absence; the completion of two courses addressing issues relating to professional boundaries and privacy and confidentiality; and the drafting of three letters of apology, one to Patient A, one to Patient B, and one to CAMH as an organization. REASONS FOR SSBH[Z]YH[X[H\و[B\\[\\[HY[[K\[[[\HX[ۈوHXXˈ[[\ܝ[\BPSQHTQH  M™\\H^\HXܜ[HوHٙ\[ۂ܈HY[X\&\Z][\[XZ[Z[XX˜ۙY[H[Hٙ\[ۈ[HYx&\X[ B]HY[]HHٙ\[ۈ[HXX[\\ ]\[HوHY[X\[\\KBX[\[[[\ܝ[X]\H[H[[K[XKH[[H[[ݚYH܈ZKB[]][ۈوHY[X\H[[H[[Bܝ[ۘ]HHZ\ۙX H[HX\YHۙY[X[YYX[Xܙو[H]HHYHH\Bۘ[ۛX[ۋH[H[\\HX\YHYYX[Xܙو\H]Y[[[H܂\ۈ\\]\[܈H[Z[قH]Y[˂ۙY[X[]H\ۙHوH[[Y[[[\][YYX[YX][ۋ]Y[]\Y[]Z\\ۘ[YYX[[ܛX][ۈ\[Y[BۙY[X[X[\YYX[Xܙ۝Z[[܋BX][ۈX]Z\Xܛ[ Z\^\Y[\Z\[\\[Z\X]Y[[X^HۛHB\Y]H]Y[&H[ܛYYۜ[ H[HYۙY[X[KX\[Y[ܛ\˜]H][H[H LXۛY[\[\[[وۙY[X[]H[[[ق[X[Xܙˈ[]Hو\HXY[X\][B[\X]YH[]HHۙY[X[]HوBYYX[XܙوH]Y[˂HۙXوH[H\H[Y[ [\[]HX]\HZ[Y[]]ܚ^YX\H]Y[&HYYX[Xܙۈ NH\[ۜ[X\Y][\HXܙۈYH\[ۜݙ\BYX\\[ H[x&\X]]HۛHY[H][[Y]Y]وX\[šX[Xܙ˂X\[X[Xܙ[\X][H\H\[\X]]K\\[[ۜ]Y[BX[H[\X][Y[ݚYYHۙHوB]Y[ˈH[8'^[Y[H]\]Y 8'H[Z[X]Y [[\ˈX]\HHXYH\KB[\HX\]Y[[K]][X]^YHBXXوۙY[X[]KHY[^\X\Y\]XK܈^[\KH\\[ۙY[X[X]KBX[]ۛHۙHXX]\ݙ\[ N ^YX\\[ ]\Z[H]\XX[YX\\[BYYX[ٙ\[ۈ[H]\H[[YX\X[]HXZ]H[X[\K