Dialogue Volume 13 Issue 4 2017 - Page 66

DISCIPLINE SUMMARIES REASONS FOR PENALTY The Committee carefully considered the joint sub- mission and accepted the proposed order regarding penalty and costs as appropriate in the circumstances of this case. It included a two-month suspension, the imposition of terms and conditions on Dr. Brand’s certificate of registration requiring instruction on medical ethics, professional behaviour and managing difficult patients, and payment of the costs of a one- day hearing. It was a mitigating factor that, in admitting his misconduct, Dr. Brand recognized that his behav- iour was unacceptable and an error in judgment. Furthermore, he was cooperative with the College investigation and the hearing and showed full insight into his behaviour. In admitting his misconduct, he spared witnesses the difficulty of testifying and saved the College time and expense of conducting a full contested hearing. It was an aggravating factor that Patient A was an extremely vulnerable patient, in that he was elderly, institutionalized, and handicapped with little or no family support. The two-month suspension and reprimand is ap- propriate in that its sends a very strong message that the Committee will not condone this type of treatment of a patient. It also serves to ensure public confidence in the profession’s ability to self-regulate in the public interest. It furt