Dialogue Volume 13 Issue 4 2017 - Page 59

PRACTICE PARTNER PATIENT SAFETY We use this forum to regularly report on findings from patient safety organizations, expert review committees of the Office of the Chief Coroner, and inquests. Sharing information key to finding treatment for rare cancers P hysicians are reminded to refer patients with rare forms of cancer to a regional cancer centre for as- sessment by a multi-disciplinary team. Such referrals will contribute to the collection of information and development and sharing of knowledge, education and research. The reminder comes from the Patient Safety Death Review Committee, a com- mittee of the Chief Coroner’s office, after a recent review into the death of a 57-year-old woman who died from systemic metastases. The woman’s family &6VB66W&2&W@W"6&RfrW6W'6RbG&VFVB@VF6F6R&V6VfVBFRvBFǒ&VV6VV'7W&vV#f"&VfbGv77G0g&W"66RbFW6RW62v0FV7G&FVBF&RV67&RFV6&6Ц&&RGRb6&6FB&6W2g&Ч7vVBvG26Rv2fvVBWBV7@Gv6R'FR7W&vVBFVF66&vVBFW"77Bv26VV#BG&V@Fwv2BFWFW&֖VBख&#2FRFVBFWfVVBVgBV672BWr6672FW6P76W2vW&R&6VBBFwv0667FVBvF&V7W'&V6RbFR&v66W"FRFVBVFW'vVB&W6V7FbFR66W6VgB&FFV7Fג@V6F76V7FFRFVW&vbFP66W6v26FfRbǖFW0&VfVBCRvW&RffVBFRFV@&V6VfVBFWfB6W'6Rb6&V@&FFB62FV6VFW&55TRB#rDuTPS