Dialogue Volume 13 Issue 4 2017 - Page 56

FOR YOUR INFORMATION Physicians suspended for non-completion of membership requirements A s of December 1, 2017, 45 physicians continue to have their certificate of registration suspend- ed for failure to complete the College’s annual renewal requirements by the deadline.   Many of the physicians listed below may be practis- ing outside Ontario or have retired. It is in a physician’s best interest to officially resign from the College rather than let their membership lapse. Once a certificate of registration is suspended for non-completion of annual requirements, a permanent record of the suspension must be entered in the register. CPSO # LAST NAME FIRST NAME 56 LAST KNOWN ADDRESS To resign from the membership, complete and return the resignation form that is provided with the annual fee invoice, or download one from our website. The following list is provided as a public service announcement. Its main purpose is to alert the medi- cal community, particularly health facilities and other employers, of physicians who are suspended and might be continuing to practise, unaware of their suspen- sion. Past publication of this list has helped the College locate physicians who had lost contact with us and not known of the suspension of their registration.  CPSO # LAST NAME FIRST NAME 92116 Alahmadi Majed Dakhel Aide Saudi Arabia 33062 Moise 104586 Aldebeyan Wassim Ahmed A Saudi Arabia 32743 Moradhassel Fariedeh Peyrow Peterborough 86098 Algawahmed Hussain Mohammed Hassan Hamilton 110661 Mousseau Isabelle Toronto 63368 Bennett Diana Ruth Manitoba 91582 Mouzaki Marialena Georgetown 69301 Borger Michael Andrew New York 22018 Nedzelski Julian Michael North York 99437 Bryant Derek Wesley Yukon 95447 Nee Brigid Nova Scotia 32786 Byrne Alan John Oakville 87840 Ogunmodede Olanrewaju David Woodstock 42492 Chagoya Leopoldo Toronto 99959 Papas Konstantin Alberta 92985 Dawood Ashraf Mohammed Abdulrahman Saudi Arabia 84171 Pelser Duane Derek Fonthill 33073 Dawood Dawood Gorgui Gloucester 81153 Picard Pierre Dundas 63812 De Paoli Maria Anne Florida 33444 Place Christopher Robert Quebec 92389 Deonarain Sue Manitoba 90421 Radwi Mansoor Rashidhaider K. Toronto 88692 Farsi Sara Hasan M Toronto 78923 Rasool Wasif Rasool Mahboob Toronto 96266 Harvey Shauna Marie Kingston 94186 Romanowska Karinka Isabelle South Carolina 28547 Henry David Anthony St Catharines 28848 Rossi Miriam Frances Toronto 70784 Ho Nhan Quang Quebec 79177 Shamji Mohammed Farid Toronto 83490 Jablonowski Karin Alexandra Markham 99266 Stanford Elizabeth Catherine Oro-Medonte 28532 Katz Peter Stewart Florida 92674 Suryanarayan Deepa Alberta 99143 Khan Farhana Ali Illinois 85547 Tidd Christopher Mark London 21855 Kristof Francis Eugene Quebec 52560 Tong Cheuk Fung Hong Kong 55451 Krushelnycky Bohdan Wolodymyr Hawaii 91023 Villamere James Patrick Ohio 110774 Leroux Lawrence Quebec 78804 Yang Hongji London 77897 Lorefice Sylvia Elizabeth Toronto DIALOGUE ISSUE 4, 2017 Maxime Gerald Andre LAST KNOWN ADDRESS Delaware