Dialogue Volume 13 Issue 4 2017 - Page 46

PRACTICE PARTNER Find more HQO reports www.hqontario.ca Along with the PCPRs, HQO publishes other regional and provincial data that help inform quality improvement efforts. You can sign up for: • Long-term Care Practice Reports for physicians; and • Hospital Performance Reports for administrators and providers. The Primary Care Practice Reports are for family physicians only. A separate report with aggregate group level data is available to executive directors of Family Health Teams and Community Health Centres in the primary care sector, with no individual physicians identified in this report. Those reports are issued only if no physicians on the team or centre object. At the HQO website, under Guides, Tools and Practice Reports, you can also access resources like quality improvement plans and e-learning modules for primary and long-term care. 1. What percentage of your patients are receiving opioids (either patients who’ve signed up with you or those who are virtually rostered, i.e., they receive the majority of thei [X\H\HH[JOŒ]\[YHو\H]Y[\H\\[[YŒˈ]\[YHو]Y[\HۂY YH[Y L[\]Z][[ق[ܜ[H܈[ܙJO ]\[YHو]Y[ۈ[[Y]H[Y[\ܚXYB[X^\[H H[[ۙJH H•H^TXXH\ܝ[Y]X\B][Y[HHS[H[]]B܈[X[][X]]HY[\[\\B\]H\X][ۈو[Z[HX[X[\و۝\[H۝\[YHق[Z[H\XX[[H[H܈YXB]HXXKS\ݚYHH\ܝ܈\ܝ]Y\[[ۙH [Y[\YK\Y[Y\܈\XX[ܛ\K][\\][]YX[\ܚX\ˈH\HوB\ܝ\܈\XX[]Y]Z\ۂ\ܛX[H[XZHX\[ۜ[Y]Z\]Y[˂܈۝\[ܜX\[H\ܝ˜[[\]X[Y[YX[ۜ›܈Y\Y\\\[H\[\[B[\K[H[Yۈ\܈^TXXH][۝\[˘KH\ܝۛHHKBXZ[Y\[HݚYH\ۈY\][ۋ[[H[\[[\]Y[[\ܝ[K܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋK[XZ[XX\\ܝ[۝\[˘KHYH\\ܝ]Hو[]X]]\]ݚYH\XX[]]HX]Z\\B]Y[8$[YY HYH\YBH^\\X]H\][Y[[X^\[\[\H\[HH\ܚXY]\H M[YX[ZYKB[H܈[Y܈ۚXۋP[\Z[B PSQHTQH  M