Dialogue Volume 13 Issue 4 2017 - Page 44

FOR YOUR INFORMATION Changing your address? We’ve made it easier for you to let us know YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR ADDRESS ONLINE. Just enter your login information and update your information in the Members’ section of our website at www.cpso.on.ca You can also send us a change of address form. At the back of each issue of Dialogue and on the College’s website, a change of address form is provided. Please mail, fax, or email it to the College. You must notify the College within 30 days of an address change. The College’s register must contain your current mailing address, email address, and your primary practice address. The College also uses your email address for some communications. Your email is not available to the public. The College’s 2016 Annual Report ONLINE NOW! Read about the work accomplished in the past year and the steps we took to protect and empower patients. Also view our online infographic which details our 2016 year. Want more details about a particular graphic? Just click on the Read More icon to be taken directly to that section on the annual report. 44 DIALOGUE ISSUE 4, 2017