Dialogue Volume 13 Issue 4 2017 - Page 35

APPRECIATION My wish is that peer assessment will continue to be the shining beacon for excellent patient care. Over time, peer assessment has grown from a simple concept to a mature program that is emulated by many jurisdictions. It is the one program that is supported by practitioners, professional organizations, the public, and government alike. Its universal acceptance is unique among CPSO activities. I have always held the view that peer assessment is the best form of Continuing Professional Development. It seeks to create an opportunity for edification through reasoning and gentle persuasion. When clinical deficien- cies are detected, the physician is provided with guid- ance and opportunities for enhancement. It can lead to lasting practice improvement. Its impact is far reaching. I approached each peer assessment with two perspec- tives in mind – the clinician as well as the patient. The clinician perspective is straightforward – history, functional inquiry, physical examination, diagnosis, investigation, treatment, referral, follow up and record- keeping. The patient perspective is different. I want to ascertain the amount of time for each patient visit, issues/con- cerns raised by the patient and the ensuing discussion, advice, empathy, and support. I am also interested in the wait time, physician availability, care fragmentation and other practical issues that can significantly affect patient care. I am an advocate for patient-centered care. Peer assess- ment provides an excellent platform for such discussion. My wish is that peer assessment will continue to be the shining beacon for excellent patient care. Dr. Ruth M. MacSween Dr. James C. Mactavish Dr. Robert Maggisano Dr. Gyaandeo S. Maharajh Dr. Ardavan Mahim Dr. Haidar A. Mahmoud Dr. Donna G. Mahoney Dr. John E. Mahoney Dr. William J. Mahoney Dr. Maria Makowiecka Dr. Jan Malat Dr. Juan E. Maldonado Dr. Michael L. Malek Dr. Jana L. Malhotra Dr. Gregory Ching-Kwan Man Dr. O. Jack Mandel Dr. Danielle M. Manis Dr. Priya S. Manjoo Dr. Maria P. Manno Dr. Yasser M. A. Mansour Dr. Julie P. Maranda Dr. Edward A. Margolin Dr. Ivor J. Margolis Dr. Lionel Marks De Chabris Dr. Douglas F. Marr Dr. David C. C. Marsh Dr. Denise I. Marshall Dr. Emmalee V. Marshall Dr. John N. Marshall Dr. Deborah Martin Dr. Lavinia M. Mascan Dr. Peter D. Maskens Dr. Mark C. Mason Dr. Robert B. Mason Dr. Warren P. Mason Dr. Khaja M. Masood Dr. Eric M. Massicotte Dr. Farid H. Massoud Dr. Roy G. Masters Dr. Euplio A. Mastrangelo Dr. Murray F. Matangi Dr. John F. Mather Dr. Rookaya Mather Dr. Damir Matic Dr. Oksana Matsenko Dr. Andre B. May Dr. Arash Mazaheri Dr. Colin J. L. McCartney Dr. William A. McCauley Dr. Deborah A. McCloskey Dr. Linda C. P. McColl Dr. David R. McConachie Dr. William G. McCready Dr. Sandy I. R. McDonald Dr. Brian V. McGoey Dr. William G. M. McKenzie Dr. Alan D. McLean Dr. Anne G. McLeod Dr. Ronald V. McMillan Dr. Robert Y. McMurtry Dr. James W. McNally Dr. George P. McNamara Dr. Kylen D. McReelis Dr. Stephen J. Meda Dr. Rajin Mehta Dr. Paul C. Meinert Dr. Daniel Melamedov Dr. Keith L. Meloff Dr. Karen A. Melville Dr. Kenneth R. Melvin Dr. Carole Menard-Buteau Dr. Tilak De Fonseka Mendis Dr. C. Dale Mercer Dr. Saba M. Merchant Dr. Nancy M. Merrow Dr. Dominik Mertz Dr. Megan Messenger Dr. Cornelia I. Mielke Dr. Pierre G. W. Mikhail Dr. Roumen V. Milev Dr. Robert M. Milkovich Dr. Claire L. M. Miller Dr. Gilbert Miller Dr. Paul C. Miller Dr. Judy May-Chee Ming Dr. Edmon F. W. Minkarious Dr. Roberta Minna Dr. Marianna K. Mitchell Dr. Gregory D. Mitton Dr. Murray J. Moffat Dr. Afzal Mohammed Dr. Naresh Mohan Dr. Afshan Mohatarem Dr. Veronica R. Mohr Dr. Logan Moodley Dr. Beryl M. Moore Dr. Homayoon Moosavi Dr. Christopher Grant Dr. Linwood Morash Dr. Rachel Morehouse Dr. Lenna M. Morgan Dr. Tracey A. T. Moriarity Dr. Debra Morrison Dr. Kimberley A. Morrison Dr. Gerard C. Morton Dr. William J. Mounstephen Dr. Ophyr Mourad Dr. Terence N. Moyana Dr. Rami S. Mozes Dr. Henry F. Muggah Dr. Atreyi Mukherji Dr. Eric M. Mulder ISSUE 4, 2017 DIALOGUE 35