Dialogue Volume 13 Issue 4 2017 - Page 3

Features cont’d APPRECIATION 26 A Family Tradition Dr. Hugh Kendall has been contributing to College work in a number of different capacities for many years. But he was not the first in his family to par- ticipate in medical regulation. His grandmother – broadcaster Betty Kennedy – was the College’s very first public member. 28 Thank you Last year, 1245 physicians provided the time to help the College deliver on its mandate of responsible, professional regulation. 34 R  eflections on Peer Assessment Dr. Henry Wu recently retired as a College peer assessor – a role he had for 33 years. He writes about what peer assessment means to him. 52 45 An Opioid Prescribing Snapshot  Health Quality Ontario aims to provide opioid pre- scribing data that helps doctors improve their care. Practice Partner 49 O  pioids and the Elderly There is much room for improvement in managing 41 H  elp to Practise Wisely Practising Wisely, a program of the Ontario College of Family Physicians, is aligned with the Choosing Wisely campaign. While Choosing Wisely provides the inspiration, Practising Wisely offers support around the implementation. pain for seniors. And because of the unique risks of prescribing opioids to the elderly, it is especially important to take a patient-focused approach. 52 B  uprenorphine: a Useful Tool for Treating Opioid Use Disorder  We recently asked several doctors who specialize in the treatment of substance use disorders to provide guidance in prescribing buprenorphine. 57 R  eporting of Privacy Breaches Amendments have created new instances for health information custodians to report privacy breaches to colleges and the Information and Privacy Com- missioner. 59 R  are Cancer Challenges – Patient Safety Physicians are reminded to refer patients with rare 41 forms of cancer to a regional cancer centre for assessment. Such referrals will contribute to collection of information and development and sharing of knowledge, education and research.