Dialogue Volume 13 Issue 4 2017 - Page 27

APPRECIATION DR. HUGH KENDALL QUALITY ASSURANCE COMMITTEE the Durham EndoSurgery Centre in Ajax, has participated in CPSO activities in several capacities: peer assessor; co-chair of the Prem- ises Inspection Committee and member of the Quality Assurance Committee (QAC). Dr. Kendall has also been involved in boosting system- wide quality management for endoscopy providers and out- of-hospital facilities. He has also been an active member in the Quality Management Partner- ship between the College and Cancer Care Ontario, initially, as a member of the GI Endoscopy Advisory Commit- tee and now as a Regional Lead for the colonoscopy quality management program. Giving his time to the College is important to Dr. Kendall, who is also the Regional Colorectal Screening/ Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Lead for the Central East Regional Cancer Program. And he suggests that physi- cians shouldn’t take medical regulation for granted. “It’s certainly a mark of trust that the government places in the profession,” he says. Serving with the College’s QA Committee is another way for him to make a mark on quality. He says he has gained in other ways from his CPSO duties, developing a greater apprecia Ff"FR&vRbFR6Vv^( 2&W2BvWGFr6R&fW76V&6VB2VW"2Ч6W76"^( BFRFRb&7F6RFV2BG'FǒFP&W7B2v&7F6RG"VF6VFW'7FG2FR'F6Rbfp&F&fW76@V&Ɩ2V&W'2ffV@2VVGvfW&6RBFP7V6W'7V7FfW2F@VBWBFW V6w&W'&w2F7F7FFRf'7@rgFW"W"BЧV&Ɩ2V&W"F&FVB2शVVGFVV6W'fR6VvPFW&W7BW"w&G6( 06֗GFVPv6W'f6RvFFP6VvR6^( B6G"शVF6vFgVVW2ЧF2&WB2Vff'G2B&WB77VW2f6rFR54B&VwVF'&6W76W2&WGGVVGBVvVFfR6wV 7F''WBFW6RF&VƗRVfW'6G'WF( 2&VwVЧF6FVW2Fv&&vR'B&V6W6RbFRGVr`6W'f6R7&72vVW&F2क55TRB#rDuTP#p