Dialogue Volume 13 Issue 4 2017 - Page 24

BUDGET 2018 Fee increase proposed More resources needed to address unprecedented volume of complaints A fter reviewing the proposed budget for 2018, Council is recommending a $100 fee increase to renew an independent practice certificate. This increase, if approved, would bring the fee to $1,725. The fee increase is required to ensure the College has the resources to fulfill our statutory obligations. The College has a mandate to register qualified physicians, investigate complaints, and ensure physicians are provid- ing quality care to their patients throughout their career. If the proposed fee is approved by Council next Feb- ruary, the average increase per year for the 2013-2018 period will be 2.25%. For most of the years within the past five, the rate was below inflation. Council understands the financial challenges currently facing physicians, but it is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the College can fulfill its statutory duty in a timely manner. This means having the necessary re- sources in place to operate a robust regulatory system that can continue to govern in the public interest. The College has always been committed to responsi- bly managing our financial resources, and as noted, only modest fee increases have been implemented over the past five years. In fact, one year there was no fee increase at all. We have made process changes and implemented cost-saving efficiencies wherever we can – such as reduc- ing resources to address non-urgent matters. Plans are under development to derive further savings in 2018. This work to find efficiencies, enhance processes and streamline our operations is ongoing. The scope of the College’s work is set by legislation and we do not have the option to narrow our focus in response to increasing costs. We continue to face an unprecedented volume of cases and significantly, an increase in the number of complex and time-consuming investigations. Over the last several years, the number of investigations has been steadily climbing – in the last year alone there was a 13% increase in the total caseload, with a 45% increase in the more complex Registrar’s Investiga- tions. And as of October, there were more than 108 open discipline matters – an unprecedented number. Other external drivers which impact the College’s 24 DIALOGUE ISSUE 4, 2017 budget include those numerous issues that arrive at the College and require – based on risk, public safety, stake- holder relationships or direction by government – con- centrated work efforts across the organization to achieve the optimal outcome. Recent examples include the work necessitated by Bills 87 and 160. The College is committed to being t ɅɕЁ)́́́ɕͽɍɕեɕ́ѼɅє)ɽɅ̸Q ѕɕձɱɽ٥)хɕ́ѼѡՉ չѥ́) ѕ́ ɽɅ́ɕЁɕձɱ䁽) ѥ٥ѥ́ɭ̸)5% 0IU1Q=IdUQ!=I%Q%L) =5AI%M=8)1ɔI݅() AMİ) AMA$İ) AMLİ) AM9Lİ) AM90İ) AM4İ) AM<İ) AM İ) 5Dİ) AM9)9P)e,)9T)Q ́ɕեɕѼ͕Ё́ѡɴ)̰Ѽɍձє䵱́Ѽѡ͡) ܁́ѡɽ͕и) 1܁9)MՉ͕ѥС 1܁9Ȁѡ́)IչɅѥ 1ܤ́ɕٽѡݥ)́ՉѥѕՅ(иՅ́ȁѡ啅ȁ)չİఁɔ́(ԁȁ́ѥєɕɅѥѡȁѡ)ѥєɕɅѥѡɥ饹ѝɅՅєՍѥ)ѡȁѡѥєɕɅѥѡɥ饹٥͕)Ʌѥ͡ЁɅѥ쁅