Dialogue Volume 13 Issue 3 2017 - Page 8

FROM THE REGISTRAR’S DESK For the purposes of this letter, I will limit my comments to the issue of investigations. While there are many contributing factors to the current crisis, we recognize that well-mean- ing prescribing by physicians has contributed to the problem, and improvements to prescrib- ing practices must be part of the solution. In November of last year, I stated our intent to shortly contact those physicians whose prescribing practices had been flagged by the Narcotics Monitoring System (NMS) as poten- tially concerning. The information we received led the College to initiate investigations into the opioid pre- scribing of 84 physicians. To date, 56 investiga- tions have been completed and 28 investiga- tions are still in progress. The outcomes of the From our Twitter Feed completed investigations are reported in the article on page 9, and you will note that many of the outcomes have resulted in ensuring that physicians get the tools they need to prescribe safely. The College’s goal, whenever appropri- ate, is to support education and continued prescribing under supervision, where the physi- cian’s capacity for remediation is apparent. I anticipate that the remaining investigations will be completed by the end of December 2017, at which time I will provide an update on those outcomes. Prescribing opioids under the right condi- tions is critical for good patient care and our goal is to ensure that physicians have the resources and information they need to appro- priately prescribe opioids to their patients. MD KB Legal Services @kblegal007 Aug 21 Understanding #selfregulation & the roles of regulatory colleges & #associations is good info. to have for all students & professionals. Ready to roll! Hey @uoftmedicine students: Come drop by our booth at today’s meet and greet & learn about health care regulation. Ian Pereira @IJohnPereira Aug 20 A wealth of resources from @Royal_College, @cpso_ca & others on professionalism in social media may be a start #cma150 #hcsm #hcldr @cpso_ca Ontario MD @OntarioEMRs Jun 22 Great turnout for the CPSO Peer Assesment and Your EMR session at #omdesc17 Lesley Barron @drlesleybarron Jun 15 https://canadianfemalesurgeon.wordpress.com/2017/06/08/why-i- dont-support-conscientious-objection-to-maid/ … I support patients right to access this important medical service. GSilverman @GLSilvermanMD Jun 13 100% support the @cpso_ca policy and the reasons behind its development & implementation 8 DIALOGUE ISSUE 3, 2017