Dialogue Volume 13 Issue 3 2017 - Page 4

46 Be on Alert for Ransomware Threat A number of physicians have recently had their EMRs hobbled by ransomware incidents, reports the Canadian Medical Protective Association. We report here on the steps physicians can take to re- duce the likelihood of an attack or at least mitigate the damage 47 Office Consult You may have an understanding of privacy legisla- tion and the consequences of snooping, but how well do your staff members understand the law? It is in your best interests to foster a more robust culture of privacy within your practice, especially in light of the ongoing push to make more health records available electronically. 17 In Every Issue 5 Message from the President Dr. David Rouselle discusses how OntarioMD’s mentoring program can help physicians who may be struggling with their EMRs. 7 From the Registrar’s Desk Dr. Rocco Gerace brings readers up to date on the progress of our opioid strategy. 13 Reports From Council We provide you with an overview of some of the decisions and discussions from our September meeting. 17 Council Award – Champion of Refugee Health Dr. Michael Stephenson, a family physician from Kitchener, was presented with the College’s Coun- cil Award in recognition of his commitment