Dialogue Volume 13 Issue 3 2017 - Page 15

REPORTS FROM COUNCIL Public Member Presidents New Member Orientation Council reviewed a proposal to facilitate the election of public members to the position of College President. While existing provisions in College By-Laws permit the election of any member of Council as College President and Vice-President, this is not well known. There is a well-established process in place and an assumption that once a physician is elected to the Executive Commit- tee, they will automatically progress to Vice- President and then President. Council decided that the Executive Com- mittee will continue to be composed of six members, but a new minimum of two public members and a minimum of two physician members will be instituted. This change will need to be reflected in the College bylaw. The Past President will continue to serve as a member of the Executive Committee and the current Vice-President will generally progress to be President. The Vice-President will generally be elected from the other public or physician members of the current Executive Committee or from public or physician members of Council who have served on the Executive Committee dur- ing their current term on Council. This will not be written in the College By-laws, but this approach will be clearly communicated to ensure awareness and transparency. These changes are expected to go into effect in 2019. Council has approved a proposal requiring new applicants to engage in education related to professionalism and professional regula- tion. As a condition of new members being granted their first certificate of practice in Ontario, they will need to become familiar with issues related to boundary violations and sexual abuse prevention. Council also directed staff to develop a plan for the training to be provided to the entire profession. Many other Canadian regulators – includ- ing at least three medical regulatory au- thorities (Quebec, Alberta and Saskatchewan) – have educational requirements for new applicants and/or current members related to the laws, regulations and policies that govern a regulated health profession. Four District 10 Physicians Acclaimed to Council Four Toronto-area physicians were recently acclaimed as members of Council: Dr. Philip Berger; Dr. Haidar Mahmoud, Dr. Peeter Poldre and Dr. Patrick Safieh. Drs. Mahmoud and Poldre are returning to Council. While Drs. Berger and Safieh are new to the Council table, they have been active in College committees. Dr. Safieh is the current co-chair of the Quality Assurance Committee. We will provide more information about these physicians and those physicians who are successful in the election held in District 5 on October 10th. MD We live tweet Council Meetings Follow us at cpso_ca ISSUE 3, 2017 DIALOGUE 15