Dialogue Volume 13 Issue 3 2017 - Page 14

REPORTS FROM COUNCIL An article on the draft policy is on page 19. New Governance Model for CNO The College of Nurses of Ontario’s Council has approved a vision for governance for 2020. In a presentation to CPSO Council, Anne Coghlan, CEO and Executive Director of the CNO, explains how the proposed re- configured board will be better able to reflect the public’s needs and interests. Please read more on page 21. •  Opioid Investigations: In November 2016, based on information received from the Narcotics Monitoring System (NMS), the CPSO initiated investigations into the opioid prescribing of 84 physicians. To date, 56 investigations have been completed and 28 investigations are still in progress. The CPSO Opioid Position Statement be- gins on page 27. The cover story is devoted to a status update on the College’s investigations. Services During Public Health Emergencies Council reviewed a draft policy entitled Phy- sician Services During Disasters and Public Health Emergencies and has approved it for external consultation. The draft clarifies that: • physicians must provide services if they are able to do so; • physician services provided need not be lim- ited to direct care to people in need; and • the nature of the situation may require phy- sicians to temporarily practise outside one’s scope of practice. 14 DIALOGUE ISSUE 3, 2017 Ensuring Competence Council has approved a draft policy for con- sultation that articulates reporting and review requirements for physicians who wish to change their scope of practice and/or re-enter practice after an extended absence. The draft is a combination of two current policies – the Changing Scope of Practice and Re-enter- ing Practice policies. External preliminary consultations on both the policies took place in 2016 and the feedback garnered informs the new draft, Ensuring Competence: Changing Scope of Practice and/or Re-entering Practice. Overall, the general expectations set out in the current policies have been maintained in the draft policy, however a few substantive amendments are being proposed: 1. The reporting requirement has been changed from three to two years, when: • P  hysicians intend to re-enter practice and have not been engaged in practice for a period of two consecutive years or more; and • Physicians intend to return to a scope of practice in which they ha