Dialogue Volume 13 Issue 3 2017 - Page 9

College Releases Outcomes of Opioid Investigations Interim Update finds CPSO takes remedial approach, where possible T he College is committed to ensuring that physi- cians practise compe- tently. One important way in which we accomplish this goal is by conducting comprehen- sive and timely investigations of doctors when concerns are raised about prescribing practices that may be inconsistent with best prac- tices and good patient care. In November 2016, the College confirmed that we were investi- gating some physicians related to their opioid prescribing based on data received from the Ontario government’s Narcotics Monitor- ing System (NMS). In accordance with the statutory requirement to maintain confidentiality about ongoing investigations, no details were provided at that time. The fol- lowing is an interim update on the outcomes of the investigations that have been completed to date. We anticipate that the remaining inves- tigations will be completed by the end of December 2017, at which time we will provide an update on those outcomes. The College initiated investiga- tions into 84 physicians’ practices based on information received from the NMS. To date, 56 investiga- tions have been completed and 28 investigations are in progress and ISSUE 3, 2017 DIALOGUE 9