Dialogue Volume 13 Issue 2 2017 - Page 61

discipline summaries Marcin that he had developed romantic feelings for her. Dr. Marcin explained to him that his romantic feelings were not for her personally but for an ideal of someone like her. Between April 2010 and June 2010, records demonstrate that 17 separate phone calls took place between Dr. Marcin and Patient A outside office hours while Dr. Marcin was still pro- viding care to Patient A. In the summer of 2010, Dr. Marcin told Patient A that she would be vacationing in an area in On- tario. Patient A concocted a story about his substance abuse sponsor heading to a retreat in the same area and explained that, if Dr. Marcin could give him a ride, Patient A would then be able to meet his spon- sor at that retreat. Dr. Marcin agreed. Once at Hotel Z, Patient A revealed to Dr. Marcin that he had invented the entire story to be alone with her in an attempt to initiate a romantic relation- ship. Dr. Marcin expressed her disappointment with Patient A for mi sleading her, telling him that she was hurt that he had lied to her, and that she had to fire him as her patient. Nevertheless, Dr. Marcin allowed Patient A to sleep on her hotel room floor at Hotel Z for the duration of the multi-day vacation. On the dates in August 2010 in which Dr. Marcin allowed Patient A to stay with her in her room at Hotel Z, several other vacant rooms were available at Hotel Z. There were also approximately 20 other hotels in the surrounding area. Patient A denied any sexual activity occurred be- tween him and Dr. Marcin. Patient A stated that the sexual content referred to in the letters that he wrote to Dr. Marcin, seized by the police, was all “fantasy” and his imagination. On the drive home from Hotel Z in August 2010, Dr. Marcin told Patient A that he should no longer see her as his doctor. However, Dr. Marcin continued to fill his prescriptions after this date. Phone records demonstrate that Dr. Marcin and Patient A spoke on the phone and texted multiple times between August 2010 and February 2011. In his letters, Patient A had indicated that he and Dr. Marcin could write emails while logged into the Gmail account but leave them in the draft folder as a way of communicating without actually having to send an email. Forensic analysis demonstrated that Dr. Marcin ac- cessed the shared Gmail account on or after May 18, 2010 and composed and/or read emails in the drafts folder of the account. The College-retained informa- tion systems expert recovered 12 emails and email fragments written between October 2010 and Janu- ary 2011 which had been deleted from Dr. Marcin’s computer. The Committee found that Dr. Marcin violated boundaries because she drove Patient A, a vulnerable patient who had told her of his romantic feelings for her, to a vacation site in Ontario. The Committee also found that Dr. Marcin seriously violated bound- aries when she allowed Patient A to stay with her in the same room at Hotel Z, share meals, go shopping together, and engage in other activities with him over four days. There were options available to Dr. Marcin to manage the situation because other rooms had been available at Hotel Z. It would also have been possible for Dr. Marcin to take Patient A back to his home. This episode changed their relationship and precipitated the purported cessation of the doctor- patient relationship. The Committee found that this conduct was dis- graceful, dishonourable and unprofessional. OHIP Billing Among other billing and record-keeping issues, between 2009 and 2011, Dr. Marcin billed for OHIP 93 times for individual psychotherapy for Patient A for which there are no corresponding patient notes. This includes billing for services in August 2010 while she was with Patient A at Hotel Z. Patient A told the College he did not receive psychotherapy on weekends. However, in 2010, Dr. Marcin billed OHIP 36 times for individual psycho- therapy for Patient A on Saturdays. Dr. Marcin billed OHIP under K007A (psycho- therapy) for Patient A after August 2010 on 22 occa- sions. However, no psychotherapy was provided on these occasions. In addition, record-keeping irregularities existed. There were many duplicate chart notes and a system of two appointment books which, at times, contained Full decisions are available online at www.cpso.on.ca. Select Doctor Search and enter the doctor’s name. Issue 2, 2017 Dialogue 61