Dialogue Volume 13 Issue 2 2017 - Page 36

future leaders’ day Why I ran for Council T hree years ago, Dr. Judith Plante had just recently retired as Chief of Family Practice at Pembroke Regional Hospital, and was looking to embark on a new professional challenge. Around this same time, she received a letter from the College inviting her to participate in its Future Leaders’ Day Conference. The invitation was a surprise; she had never given much thought to the principles of medical regulation and certainly, had never envisioned herself in any role at the College. But, if the conference proved to be a bust, she reasoned, it would, at the very least, give her an opportunity to visit Toronto and meet other physicians. As it turns out, the day proved to be far from a waste of time. “I was blown away. It was such interesting stuff that I was learning about,” she told attendees at the most recent Future Leaders’ Day event. 36 Dialogue Issue 2, 2017 It was so compelling, in fact, that she decided to run for a Council seat. And within a year of attending that Future Leaders’ Day conference, she was sitting around the table as a Council representative for District 7 and participating on the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee (ICRC). “It is intensely engaging work,” she told the attend- ees. “And, certainly in dealing with cases on ICRC, it has been a real eye-opener in terms of how often – in so many of the cases that I see – the fault lies with poor communications.” She urged the attendees to consider participating in some aspect of the College, whether as a peer assessor, a committee member, or as a member of Council. It has been an experience, she said, that she has been grateful for, and believes that exposure to College work will only help inform a physician’s practice. MD Invitation came at right time for doctor looking for new professional challenge