Dialogue Volume 13 Issue 2 2017 - Page 3

Features cont’d 24 New Guideline for Opioid Prescribing The new Canadian guideline for opioid therapy for chronic non-cancer pain takes a much more conservative approach to the prescribing of opioids. Specifically, it encourages using opioids as a treat- ment of last resort, and prescribing smaller doses. 29 Accepting New Patients Introductory meetings – such as medical “meet and greet” appointments – and medical questionnaires are good ways to get to know your patient better, but they can’t be used to vet prospective patients, states an updated policy. 31 Ending the Physician-Patient Relationship An updated policy provides more explicit guidance with respect to the circumstances in which it may be appropriate to end the physician-patient rela- tionship, and the circumstances in which it is not. 33 MAiD Protections Recently passed Ontario legislation will support the implementation of medical assistance in dying by providing protections for patients and their health- care professionals. 35 “Liberation” Therapy Debunked A study has found that the use of balloon vein dila- tion therapy in the treatment and management of patients with multiple sclerosis is neither safe nor efficacious. 39 Choosing Wisely Choosing Wisely Canada’s report, called “Unneces- sary Care in Canada”, presents data on eight tests and treatments spanning the health system. 41 Patient Ombudsman Reflects on First Year As she reaches her first anniversary as Patient Ombudsman, Christine Elliott looks to advocate for fairness for Ontarians navigating the health-care system. 43 Practice Partner 43 Doc Talk – Think Before You Post With social media, the platforms may be new but the need to maintain patient privacy and confiden- tiality is not. Don’t let the informal nature of social media encourage you to let down your guard. 46  Calculation Errors Physicians are being urged to express doses of levothyroxine in micrograms not milligrams after the Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada became aware of errors involving the medication. 47 Patient Safety Consider using a patch if your patient is unable to swallow a long-acting pain medication, says the Geriatric and Long-Term Care Death Review Com- mittee. 49 Organ Donation: Missed Opportunities Many patients at risk of imminent death or who die are not being referred to Trillium Gift of Life Network until the opportunity to speak to families has been lost.