Dialogue Volume 13 Issue 2 2017 - Page 23

College approach 1 2 Guide  I  nform policy with guidelines. Assess  C  ontinue focused methadone assessments.  E  xpand focus of assessments to opioid prescribing.  I  dentify and assess moderate-risk opioid prescribing, avoiding need for investigations. 3 4 tools Communication  ontinue Dialogue C series on opioids  ommunicate with C patients and public  evelop Opioids D Statement Investigate  I  dentify, investigate and monitor high- risk (problem) opioid prescribing. Facilitate Education Data  nsure physicians E have access to data to inform their prescribing practices Work with partners to:  E  nsure multiple educational offerings, targeted at different stages of practice; promote general education, awareness, and remediation.  D  evelop an Opioid Prescriber’s Education Series, focused on the fundamentals of appropriate prescribing. Collaboration  ork with others – W i.e., Health Quality Ontario, eHealth Ontario – to promote safe prescribing “We have all been confronted by the alarming rates of addiction and overdose. A new approach is essential” – Dr. David Rouselle, College President Issue 2, 2017 Dialogue 23