Dialogue Volume 13 Issue 2 2017 - Page 11

FEATURE Peer assessment evolves with introduction of new tools Y ou just received a notification of an up- coming peer assessment. And like many physicians, you are unsure of what to expect or even how to prepare. The good news is that new tools introduced as part of the College’s Peer Assessment Redesign have demys- tified the process by making the indicators of quality care and effective documentation much more apparent to physicians. “We have made the assessment process more transparent by showing physicians how they will be assessed. The tools will give physicians a sense of the areas where they excel, and the areas where they could improve, and how specifically they can improve,” said William Tays (PhD), project lead of the College’s work to enhance peer assessment. With this new ability to prepare, we believe that when the assessment does eventually take place, it will be that much easier for the physician to benefit from the opportunity to discuss their practice with a fellow physician, said Tays. We first described the Peer Assessment Redesign Issue 2, 2017 Dialogue 11