Dialogue Volume 12 Issue 3 2016 - Page 52

council members ABOUT COUNCIL Council is the governing body of the College. The Regulated Health Professions Act stipulates that it consist of at least 32 and no more than 34 members including: • 16 physicians elected by their peers on a geographical basis every three years; • physicians appointed from among the six faculties of medicine (at the Western University, McMaster University, University of Toronto, Queen’s University, University of Ottawa, and the Northern Ontario School of Medicine); • no fewer than 13 and no more than 15 non-physician or ‘public’ members appointed by the provincial government for terms decided by the government. Both medical faculty members and public members may be re-appointed at the end of their terms. Elected members may not serve more than three terms (nine consecutive years). The College President is elected from and by Council and serves a one-year term. Council members sit on one or more committees of the College. Each committee has specific functions, most of which are governed by provincial legislation. General Council meetings are held four times a year to review the activities of the College and d ebate and vote upon matters of general policy. Council meetings are open to the public and are held in the 3rd floor Council Chamber at 80 College Street, Toronto. For more information about the actions, processes and structures by which the mandate of the College is fulfilled, please refer to the Governance Process Manual available at www.cpso.on.ca under About Us>Council and Committees. DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVES 1. Dr. Peter Tadros Tecumseh, Ontario 4. Dr. Brenda Copps Hamilton, Ontario 7. Dr. Dennis Pitt Ottawa, Ontario 10. Dr. Marc Gabel Toronto, Ontario 2. Dr. Ronald Wexler London, Ontario 5. Dr. Carol Leet Brampton, Ontario 7. Dr. Judith Plante Pembroke, Ontario 10. Dr. Richard Mackenzie Toronto, Ontario 3. Dr. Jerry Rosenblum Waterloo, Ontario 5. Dr. David Rouselle Newmarket, Ontario 8. Dr. Steven Bodley North Bay, Ontario 10. Dr. Haidar Mahmoud Toronto, Ontario 4. Dr. Eric Stanton Hamilton, Ontario 6. Dr. John Rapin Kingston, Ontario 9. Dr. Andrew Turner Thunder Bay, Ontario 10. Dr. Peeter Poldre Toronto, Ontario PUBLIC COUNCIL MEMBERS APPOINTED BY LIEUTENANT-GOVERNOR Dr. El-Tantawy Attia, PhD Mississauga, Ontario Mr. Harry Erlichman, LLB Toronto, Ontario Mr. John Langs Toronto, Ontario Mr. Arthur Ronald Napanee, Ontario Mr. Sudershen K. Beri Richmond Hill, Ontario Ms. Debbie Giampietri Toronto, Ontario Mr. Peter Pielsticker Brampton, Ontario Ms. Peggy Taillon, LLB Ottawa, Ontario Ms. Lynne Cram London, Ontario Mr. Pierre Giroux Toronto, Ontario Ms. Joan Powell Thunder Bay, Ontario Mr. Emile Therien Ottawa, Ontario Ms. Diane Doherty Burlington, Ontario Major Abdul Khalifa Maple, Ontario Mr. Ron Pratt, MBA Toronto, Ontario UNIVERSITY REPRESENTATIVES Dr. Akbar Panju McMaster University Hamilton, Ontario 52 Dr. Joel Kirsh University of Toronto Toronto, Ontario Dialogue Issue 3, 2016 Dr. John Jeffrey Queen’s University Kingston, Ontario Dr. James Watters University of Ottawa Ottawa, Ontario Dr. Barbara Lent Western University London, Ontario Dr. Robert Smith Northern Ontario School of Medicine Sudbury, Ontario