Dialogue Volume 12 Issue 3 2016 - Page 25

Council Award 100th Council Award given to GP from Carleton Place Dr. Martin White photo: D.W. Dorken I n September, the College presented its 100th Council Award. The deserving recipient was Dr. Martin White, a general practitioner from Carleto n Place, Ontario. Dr. White has practised medicine in Carleton Place for over 40 years, and whether he is treating patients in his private practice, working as the hospital chief of staff, supporting colleagues in the operating theatre or investigating deaths as the local coroner, Dr. White serves his rural community with compassion, humour, sincerity and dependability. Dr. White received his medical training at the University of Ottawa and settled in Carleton Place, just outside of Ottawa, not long after completion of his training. Over the past 40 years, much has changed in how health care is delivered in Carleton Place, and in the neighboring town of Almonte, due in no small measure to Dr. White’s efforts. He was instrumental in the development of a partnership between Carleton Place and Almonte that saw the communities combine resources and expertise, and improve clinical services in chronic care. He led the joint steering committee to improve regional wait times and adopt new provincial standards for access to care. He has also led, supported or guided numerous quality improvement and research initiatives with a view to ensuring any initiative measured up to providing the best care for patients and added value to patient care in the rural environment. As Chief of Staff at the Carleton Place and District Memorial Hospital, Dr. White was commended for his focus and passion for physician education, coaching and mentoring which enhanced a learning culture among the medical staff. When treating patients in his own private practice, at the hospital or at the local chronic care facility, Dr. White delights his patients with his larger than life presence and a huge laugh that settles jittery nerves. To the children in the community, he is the doctor who heals their teddy; to parents and elderly patients, he is the physician who holds their hands, treats them with respect and dignity, and explains complex medical situations in simple, easy to understand terms. “His honesty, integrity, caring and provision of excellent medical care in over 40 years of his medical career is and has been an inspiration to all his colleagues,” said Dr. Roger Drake. “He is regarded by those who work with him with much love and affection. He has managed to balance family life, a busy family practice and many night calls as the local coroner with incredible skill. He is a wonderful teacher and mentor not only to medical students and residents but also to colleagues Issue 3, 2016 Dialogue 25