Dialogue Volume 11 Issue 1 2015 - Page 27

TRAnsparency Transparency – What You Are Saying We respond to some of the common themes emerging from our consultation on Phase 2 of the Transparency Initiative. I Q&A n December, the College asked for feedback to its proposals for Phase 2 of the Transparency Initiative. Specifically, the College is proposing that the following information about physicians be included on the public register: photo: istockphoto.com • Caution-in-person outcomes S •  pecified Continuing Education or Remediation Program (SCERPs) outcomes • Criminal charges • Licences in other jurisdictions • Discipline findings in other jurisdictions During our extended consultation, the College appreciated hearing the views of all who participated. We noted that dominant themes emerged from the consultation and have presented them here in a Q&A format. The vast majority of physicians will have a College complaint filed against them over the course of their career (if not more than one complaint). If this proposal goes through, there will be a plethora of useless information about physicians posted online. Yes, many physicians do receive a complaint made against them in the course of their career. The percentage of physicians, however, who have complaints which result in a Specified Continuing Education or Remediation Program (SCERP) order or a caution-in-person is relatively small. In 2013, 4% of all complaints received had a SCERP outcome (111 physicians) and only 4% of all complaints received resulted in a caution-inperson (96 physicians). The College’s proposal is to post only cautions-in-person and SCERPs. In determining which ICRC outcomes should be made public, the Advisory Group for Regulatory Excellence (a group of six colleges, including the CPSO) looked at the degree of risk to patients. AGRE’s recommendation was that the more serious outcomes, those responding to issues of moderate risk – such as SCERPs and cautions-in-person – should be made available to the public. The most serious issues are referred to Issue 1, 2015 Dialogue Issue1_15.indd 27 27 2015-03-19 11:18 AM