Dialogue Volume 11 Issue 1 2015 - Page 23

Sexual abuse review Much of March’s Council meeting was devoted to discussing the College’s own practices and processes in supporting patients who were sexually abused by physicians. Supporting and Protecting Patients from Sexual Abuse Council discusses some of the early opportunities for change photo: D.W. Dorken I determine how to improve support and protect has been more than 20 years since the tion for patients. Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA) “As part of our ongoing efforts to advocate was passed, with its specific provisions for the best practices for protecting patients related to sexual abuse. Since the 1991 from sexual abuse, we must amendments, this College has continually evaluate the envimaintained a strong stance in “We must continually ronment in which we operate opposition to sexual abuse by evaluate the environment and ensure that we are doing physicians and in support of victims of sexual abuse. in which we operate and all that we can,” Dr. Carol But are we doing all that we ensure that we are doing Leet, College President, told Council. can to support and protect all that we can” Over the last few years, patients? In December 2014, questions have been raised – Council reaffirmed the Colboth inside and outside of the College’s walls – lege’s commitment to patients by unanimously about whether the legislation has kept pace with voting to review whether changes can be made. societal expectations. For example, questions Council directed that our review have a dual such as whether the penalties handed down by focus: an examination of our own processes the College’s Discipline Committee are suffiand practices, and an evaluation of the sexual ciently severe; whether gender-based restrictions abuse provisions in our governing legislation to Issue 1, 2015 Dialogue Issue1_15.indd 23 23 2015-03-19 11:18 AM