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KRUTEX Soft Examination Gloves • • • • • • • Disposable arm length gloves Soft and strong for multipurpose veterinary and AI use Cut diagonally for better fit Made from100% polyethylene 25 mμ 95 cm long Dispenser box of 100 Code Description Size Pack size 260685 KRUTEX soft examination gloves Large 100/pk KRUTEX Soft Examination Protector Gloves with Neck Strap • • • • • • Designed with neck strap for secure fastening Designed to eliminate soiling of shoulder, chest and armpit area for extra hygiene Made from 100% polyethylene 25 mμ 90 cm long (from fingertip to neck opening) Dispenser box of 50 Code Description Size Pack size 260724 KRUTEX soft examination protector gloves with neck strap Large 50/pk 14 | KRUTEX Large Animal Examination Gloves