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KRUTEX Arm Length Gloves KRUTEX arm length gloves are used by veterinarians all over the world and are renowned for its extreme strength and very high sensibility. We have gloves available in 4 different qualities dependent on the sensibility you need. The less sensibility the cheaper the glove. In addition to the traditional glove design we also offer the neck strap version, which has become increasingly popular as it, apart from holding the gloves in place, also gives added shoulder, armpit and chest protection for added hygiene. All our arm length gloves are manufactured according to the following performance standards and tests: ISO 9001 Quality management ISO 527-3 Tensile strength ISO 7765-1 Dart drop ISO 6383-2 Tearing test KRUTEX Super Sensitive Examination Gloves • • • • • • • • Soft, smooth and strong Very high sensitivity Cut diagonally for better fit Made from 100% polyethylene 25 mμ Sizes 90 cm or 97 cm long Size 90 cm also available with small hand Dispenser box of 100 Code Description Size Pack size 260687 KRUTEX super sensitive examination gloves extra long, 97 cm Large 100/pk 260693 KRUTEX super sensitive examination gloves, 90 cm Small 100/pk 260700 KRUTEX super sensitive examination gloves, 90 cm Large 100/pk KRUTEX Large Animal Examination Gloves | 11