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SEMEN MEDIA INRA 96 / 200 ml semen medium for equine fresh semen (per 4) 016441 Medium for stallion semen. Improves preservation and maintains the fertility potential up to 48 hours. Sterile and ready-to-use, it is formulated using the purified fraction of milk micellar proteins that have proven to highly protect sperm cells. Contains antibiotics (Penicillin and Gentamycin) and a fungicide (Amphotericin B) Eqcellsire equine semen washing and centrifugation medium 018753 Eqcellsire is a centrifugation extender that allows you to harvest 30% more sperm cell than current methods. This unique cushion is set at the bottom of the centrifugation tube. Once spun, the sperm pellets floats between two layers of solution causing less damage and giving you more viable sperm. The Eqcellsire can be used for both freezing semen and fresh cooled semen. Eq'cellfreeze QSF 1 litre (per 10) Medium for centrifugation, washing and freezing of equine semen. Presented in liquid form (500 ml), the user adds 500 ml of skimmed milk UHT to obtain the centrifugation medium. Further addition of glycerol and egg yolk allows freezing. 14 019957 NEW