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Fiche Cryo-vet Goldensilk 2012_Mise en page 1 28/09/12 13:54 Page2 Goldensilk HYGIENE TM AND CONVENIENCE FOR BETTER I N S E M I N AT I O N R E S U LT S Description Reference Safe and hygienic Color Single packed Non-spermicidal lubricant Smooth insertion and removal for a comfortable and effortless insemination 024393 Compatible Yellow Bottle, tube and bag with nozzle Primary Packaging Secondary Packaging Sale Unit Single packed Dispenser box with 100 catheters Pallet with 15,400 units No irritation or injury to the cervix for animal well being Specifications Easy to use One catheter for both sows and gilts No extra lubricant necessary 09/2012 – Non contractual pictures and specifications Convenient dispensing box Handle for user-friendliness Cap to close the catheter after insemination Tube length 530 mm External tube diameter 6 mm Foam length 35 mm Foam diameter 22 mm Handle length 40 mm High standard of manufacture Atraumatic (flexible and adapted to genital tract) Easy lock in the cervix to avoid backflow Color allows user to control quality of AI (blood) Convenient dispensing box Appropriate for all types of farm environments Meets standard use (100 catheters per box) Catheters protected from external environment Easy closing www.cryo-vet.fr